Barclay Urges Continued Discussions on FitzPatrick

The following is a statement from Assemblyman Will Barclay regarding ongoing discussions between Entergy and Governor’s Office involving the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant.

Entergy has told its employees that it will decide whether to refuel the FitzPatrick plant by the end of October.

“I am aware that the Governor’s office and Entergy officials are involved in ongoing discussions regarding the FitzPatrick plant. As we near the end of the month, I urge the discussions to continue.  FitzPatrick employs 615 people in our community.  It is critical that these discussions lead to the plant refueling for the protection of these jobs. This plant and its people are vital to our community.”


  1. Shut it down, the long term environmental health of the community and the movement toward renewable energies that do not threaten nuclear catastrophe are far more important than the short run economic convenience of a few hundred people.

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