Barlow: Cooperation Needed To Clear The Roads

OSWEGO – Mayor William Barlow requests the community’s support in ensuring that all vehicles are removed from the city streets while the DPW works at clearing the roads and catch basins that have become congested due to the inclement weather conditions.

“The significant weather event we are experiencing calls for the cooperation of all our citizens,” Mayor Barlow said. “In consultation with DPW Commissioner Tom Kells, I am requesting that all vehicles park off the road over the next 48 hours as the DPW works on snow removal and freeing the storm sewers from overflowing water.”

In addition, the Oswego City Police will be issuing tickets and directing the towing of vehicles that violate the off-street parking ban between the hours of 1 and 6 a.m.

There are several municipal lots that are open and free to park in at this time.

For more information on free municipal parking contact the Mayor’s Office at 343-8140.

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  1. Lets do something about the people that plow their snow in the road. Everyone in my neighborhood has called the PD and all they do is warn him (he has been doing it for years) enough already – give him a citation and then he will stop until citations are issued no one is going to take the ordinance seriously.

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