Barlow Recommended To Chair The Onondaga County Metropolitan Water Board

Billy Barlow

Billy Barlow

OSWEGO – Chairman Ryan McMahon announced today (July 11) he is recommending William J. Barlow Jr. as chairman and presiding officer of the Metropolitan Water Board.

Barlow’s appointment was considered by the Onondaga County Legislature’s Environmental Protection Committee today, where it passed unanimously.

The appointment will require confirmation of the full Legislature at the August 1 session.

“I’m thrilled to be appointed to the Onondaga County Metropolitan Water Board and very much appreciate the opportunity from Chairman McMahon and the Onondaga County Legislature to be involved in the regional partnership between the city of Oswego and Onondaga County,” Barlow said. “I look forward to contributing to the entire Central New York area as we work on improving our infrastructure and continue providing clean, quality water to our local communities.”

The Metropolitan Water Board was established in 1962 as the administrative body for the Onondaga County Water District.

Its mission is to provide clean, safe, reliable, sustainable and cost-efficient wholesale drinking water from Lake Ontario to the Central New York region.

Chairman McMahon added, “Billy Barlow brings a diverse skillset to this position. As mayor of the city of Oswego, he is familiar with the relationship that exists between Onondaga and Oswego to provide a consistent, clean water supply to our municipalities.”

Upon confirmation, Barlow’s term will expire on December 31, 2020.

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  1. Is there any possibility we can GET water from the MWBoard? Quite frankly, their water has more of a consistent clean water taste, whereas, our water appears a bit funky in Fall when we have the flip of green into our water supply (Inversion?) after the hot summer?

    My dog often even got diarrhea at that time of the year so we used bottle water for several weeks.

    I’d like to remain anonymous, but I know from talking to other people that they noticed it too…and even after a call to the Water Department there was no answer as to why!

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