Barney, Fink Take Round One Of The Wings And Warriors Series At Fulton Speedway

FULTON, NY – Perfect weather, over one hundred cars and a large crowd were at round one of the “Wings & Warriors” Series race at the Fulton Speedway Saturday night.

Matt Fink grabbed career win number two on the “High Banks” in the Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds. Jason Barney showed the way to victory lane as he dominated the Patriot Sprint Tour A-Main.

Other winners on A-Verdi Storage Containers and Penn Commercial Vehicle Solutions night were, Rocco Leone – SUNY Canton Sportsman, Alan Fink – NAPA Late Models and Brenton Joy – E&V Energy Novice Sportsman.

Joe August Jr. jumped out to the early lead in the 35-Lap Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified feature. August’s lead was short lived when Matt Fink using the top of the speedway showed the way on lap-two.

With ten-laps complete, Fink opened a half-a-straightaway lead on the field. Matt Hulsizer, Chris Mackey, Dan Vauter and Chad Phelps were in a tight race for second through fifth.

On lap-fifteen, Fink still held a commanding lead over Hulsizer who ran alone in second, followed by Vauter, Phelps and Mackey. Behind the top-five the heavy hitters of Jimmy Phelps, Rob Bellinger and Larry Wight were making their way forward from deep in the field.

With 20-Laps showing on the scoring tower Fink and Hulsizer still showed the way with Hulsizer about a quarter-of-a-straightaway behind. Vauter, Chad Phelps and Jimmy Phelps showed in the top-five.

With the laps rapidly clicking off with ten to go, Fink and Hulsizer were still showing the way at the front, followed by Vauter and Chad Phelps. The tightest race was for fourth through seventh as you could have thrown a blanket over Jimmy Phelps, Rob Bellinger, Billy Decker and Larry Wight.

Over the remaining laps and no yellows to tighten the field up, Fink was first under the checkers for his first win at the speedway since May of 2012. Matt Hulsizer, Dan Vauter, Chad Phelps and Rob Bellinger rounded out the top-five. Billy Decker, Jimmy Phelps, Larry Wight, Pat Ward and Tim Sears Jr. rounded out the top-ten.

After parking his Benwood Auto Parts/Pallet Express/U.S.A Core Supply/No.15 in victory lane an excited Matt Fink talked about his win.

“It feels so good to be back. It seems like it’s been forever. I said to my dad before the feature tonight, if we don’t go forward tonight I’m done with this car. It’s been so evil to me all year long, I just can’t get it figured out. I just went nuts in the pit area changing everything after the heat race.”

“I knew we had a good starting spot and you got to capitalize when you get that. The car was phenomenal. I just tried not to make any mistakes. I thought I nearly ended our hopes when we hit that implement tire and knocked the toe out. It didn’t end up hurting us and this is long overdue.”

Rocco Leone jumped out to the early lead in the 25-Lap SUNY Canton Sportsman setting a fast early race pace.

On lap-ten, Leone built up a full straightaway lead as Jordan Bennett, Jason Occhino, Ron Davis III and Earl Rudy ran second through fifth.

With ten-Laps to go Leone was still a full straightaway ahead as he started catching the back of the field to put them a lap down. Bennett ran alone in second with Davis, Occhino and Tony Finch II racing for third through fifth.

A yellow on lap-nineteen wiped out the huge lead Leone had put up. This would put Bennett, Davis, Finch and Occhino right on Leone for the six-lap dash to the finish. When the green came back out there was contact between Davis and Bennett sending Bennett spinning. Because of the contact Davis was put to the rear of the field.

Over the last six-laps Leone and Finch ran bumper to bumper when Finch and Leone made racing contact that broke Finch’s front shock. At the checkers Leone was first under the checkers, followed by Billy Clark Jr., Earl Rudy, Finch somehow held on for fourth and Beth Schneider fifth.

Over the first four laps of the 25-Lap Patriot Sprint Group feature Shawn Donath and Jason Barney ran side by side swapping the lead back and forth till Barney grabbed a car length advantage running the extreme inside.

By lap-ten Barney set a wicked pace out front as he was already putting cars a lap down with Donath about ten car lengths back trying to keep pace. Larry Wight ran alone in third with Corey Sparks and Bryan Howland showing in the top-five.

With ten-laps to go and no cautions, Barney was still glued to the bottom putting more cars a lap down a half-a-straightaway ahead of Donath. Wight, Howland and Charlie Donk showed in the top-five on the scoring tower.

Over the remaining laps and no yellows to bunch the field up, Barney cruised to the win. According to one Patriot official Barney lapped up to eleventh place. Shawn Donath, Larry Wight, Corey Sparks and Sammy Reakes IV rounded out the top-five. Bryan Howland, Charlie Donk, Jessica Zemken, Paul Habeck and Jared Zimbardi completed the top-ten.

In the 20-Lap NAPA Late Model feature two and three wide racing was at the front of the field till lap-six when Alan Fink grabbed the lead. Once out front it was total domination by Fink as he won by over three seconds ahead of Tim Sears Jr., Rick Miller, Johnny Hill and Brandon Ford completing the top-five.

After coming close to a victory, Brenton Joy finally went to victory lane for the first time in the 15-Lap E&V Energy Novice Sportsman feature. Joy took the lead on lap-six and withstood late race pressure from Shannon Pitcher for the win. Point’s leader Trevor Lindsey, Mike Taylor and Joe Buonagurio finished third through fifth.

This coming Saturday night, June 14th  K-ROCK 100.9 will present a full night of family fun, racing featuring the Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds/SUNY Canton Sportsman/NAPA Late Models/A-Verdi Storage Containers 305 Sprints/E&V Energy Novice Sportsman/Hilton’s Automotive Four Cylinders and Midstate Vintage Stock Car Club.

Adult grandstand admission will be $12 with everyone 18 yrs. old and younger FREE. Pits $27- Participant, $30- Non-Participant. Gates will open at 5:00 with racing at 7:00. Any questions you might have please contact Cory Reed at [email protected] (315) 593-6531.

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(TRACEY ROAD EQUIPMENT DIRTcar MODIFIEDS 35 LAPS) – (15) MATT FINK, (55) Matt Hulsizer, (85) Dan Vauter, (X) Chad Phelps, (8R) Rob Bellinger, (91) Billy Decker, (99J) Jimmy Phelps, (99L) Larry Wight, (42p) Pat Ward, (83x) Tim Sears Jr., (3M) Chris Mackey, (3) Ryan Phelps, (62s) Tom Sears Jr., (5H) Chris Hile, (99B) Chuck Bower, (10c) Tim Currier, (24) Jim Witko Jr., (88) Joe August Jr., (63) Adam Roberts, (3E) Tim Schneider Jr., (2K) Katelyn Kane, (0) Dan Humes.

(POWER SEAL ASPHALT SEALING $50 HEAT WINNERS) – Billy Decker, Dan Vauter, Pat Ward.

(OMNI SERVICES HEAT WINNERS) – Billy Decker, Dan Vauter, Pat Ward.

(SUNY CANTON SPORTSMAN 25 LAPS) – (87) ROCCO LEONE, (99) Billy Clark Jr., (16) Earl Rudy, (0) Tony Finch II, (1s) Beth Schneider, (80x) Mike Button, (33) Jason Occhino, (14) Jeremy Pitcher, (88) Chris Hulsizer, (31) Corey Barker, (8) Alan Fink, (15) Todd Root, (112) James Carlson, (25) Geoff VanRiper, (24k) Nick Krause, (59) Gregg Kimball, (06J) Jordan Bennett, (32R) Ron Davis III, (18) Brandon Ford, (19J) Joe Kline, (22J) Jeremy Dygert, (2K) Kyle Kiehn, (27W) Nick Webb, (00W) Wade Chrisman.

(DNQ) – (3x) Jeff Hunter, (33x) Gary Hoppins, (4c) JJ Courcy, (57H) Rocky Grosso, (06w) Justin Crisafulli, (4) Tim Murphy.

(NAPA LATE MODELS 20 LAPS) – (28*) ALAN FINK, (83x) Tim Sears Jr., (33x) Rick Miller, (160) Johnny Hill, (76) Brandon Ford, (46) Sean Beardsley, (9K) AJ Kingsley, (98) Shayne Tenace, (24) Scott Ford, (10T) Dave Talbot, (95) Aron Backus, (1M) Tim Murphy.

(E&V ENERGY NOVICE SPORTSMAN 15 LAPS) – (18J) BRENTON JOY, (14) Shannon Pitcher, (121) Trevor Lindsey, (2) Mike Taylor, (06) Joe Buonagurio, (52) Ricky Yelle, (8) Mike Defreitas, (06W) Dorian Wahdon, (9) Brett Draper, (42H) Kyle Hulsizer, (10) Taylor Jackson, (5) Amy Holland, (17) Steve Jones.

(PATRIOT SPRINT TOUR 25 LAPS) – (87)          JASON BARNEY, (53) Shawn Donath, (99L) Larry Wight, (7) Corey Sparks, (1) Sammy Reakes, (51)Bryan Howland, (99) Charlie Donk, (1z) Jessica Zemken, (25H) Paul Habeck, (35) Jared Zimbardi, (75) Tommy Wickham, (61) Parker Evans, (19) Paige Polyak, (54) David Just, (81) Derek Jonathan, (67) Steve Collins, (20) Zach Wiegend, (54JR) Scott Just, (J27) John Cunningham, (123) Yan Bilodeau, (71s) Shawn Sliter, (38) Brad Knab, (3) Clint Ide, (00) Dane Lorenc.