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September 19, 2018

Barry Thompson Tell How Social Networking Changes Business

OSWEGO, NY – A frustrated airline passenger watched as his expensive professional guitar was destroyed by airline employees.

Rotarian George A. Reed, left, greets speaker Barry Thompson.

Rotarian George A. Reed, left, greets speaker Barry Thompson.

He filed complaint after complaints but was stonewalled by the airline for more than a year.

Then the professional musician released a video on social networking. It quickly became popular and the airline offered to settle.

On Thursday, Barry Thompson told members of the Oswego Sunrise Rotary how social networks have changed unresponsive big business.

Banks and other companies are becoming aware of how their reputation and in fact even their survival depend on new technology.

Barry also reminded the Rotarians about the use of social networking in the “Arab Spring” this year. Egypt and other repressive governments were brought down by these computer generated messages.

Barry is a professional speaker who travels the country speaking on various economic/financial topics and other interesting subjects.

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