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September 22, 2018

Bells Are Ringing At Bishop’s Commons

OSWEGO, NY – “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?”

Pictured are: Cheryl Cullinan teaching the “Ding-A-Lings” at their rehearsal.

Pictured are: Cheryl Cullinan teaching the “Ding-A-Lings” at their rehearsal.

Bells are exactly what you might hear coming from Bishop’s Commons as the “Ding-A-Lings” Resident Bell Choir has formed and are rehearsing for the holiday season.

A group of talented residents are learning to play the bells under the direction of Activity Assistant, Cheryl Cullinan with the goal of bringing their own music to the halls this Christmas.

“Learning the basics to start was simple for the group of 10-12 residents,” noted Cullinan. “Now we are beginning Christmas songs and everyone is learning fast and having so much fun with it.”

The “Ding-A-Lings” are meeting two times a week for practice and have now formed a choir to accompany them with the help of organist and choir singer Carolyn Begani.

“We actually sound good!” exclaimed resident Priscilla Brown. “Who would have thought we could all learn this so quickly?”

The “Ding-A-Lings” have performances planned throughout the holiday season in several locations on the St. Luke Health Services campus, including, Bishop’s Commons, Little Lukes and St. Luke.

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