Ben and Arlene Harris to Celebrate 59th Wedding Anniversary

Benjamin and Arlene (Palmer) Harris, formerly of Fulton, will be celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary April 11.

Born and raised in Fulton, they were married at State Street Methodist Church in 1953 by the Reverend Harold Thomas.

The couple enjoyed a honeymoon touring New England. They built a home together on Whitaker Road, where they lived for 30 years and raised their three children, Scott, Sharon and Susan Harris.

The couple have enjoyed their life together thus far, sharing a special bond that began many years ago while chasing the moon.

They currently reside in Syracuse.

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  1. i wish you both a wonderful, wonderful anniversary!!! what a great picture!! i missed your family when you left fulton all those years ago, and i still miss you all and think of you often. i hope you and yours are all happy and healthy. if youd like to get in touch with me, or if susan would, my email is [email protected]. i would love to catch up!!

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