Benedetto Endorsed By Oswego County Conservatives

OSWEGO, NY – Thomas Benedetto, candidate for Oswego County Family Court Judge, who was previously endorsed by numerous Republican committees throughout Oswego County, has now been endorsed by the Oswego County Conservative Party Committee.

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Thomas Benedetto, (left), has been endorsed by the Oswego County Conservative Committee, said Ronald Greenleaf, Oswego County Conservative Committee chair.

“Thom earned our endorsement based on his more than three decades of experience in the court system; with 25 of those served in Family Court,” Ronald Greenleaf, Oswego County Conservative Committee chair said. “His years of community involvement, his commitment to children and family, his integrity, and his common-sense approach and work ethic greatly impressed us.”

“The committee interviewed three candidates for Family Court Judge, Thom Benedetto was the most compassionate and qualified,” said Bob Heath, executive vice chairman. “With Thom’s extensive experience as a court referee, there would be a smooth transition to his filling this judgeship. I believe he is the best candidate, hands down.”

Thomas Kenyon, vice chairman at-large, said: “After interviewing the candidates and careful consideration, Thom is the candidate who stood out to our committee. His values, experience, and demeanor convinced us that as judge, Thom will be firm but fair to families coming to court and make good decisions based upon sound fundamental legal principles and common-sense.”

“I am honored by this strong show of support,” Benedetto said. “Our work, however, is far from done. We will be continuing our grassroots effort to talk with voters, especially during the next month. From now through early July, voters in Oswego County have a vital role in signing candidates’ petitions. Through this process, they decide who the candidates will be and who, ultimately, will represent them after Election Day.”

Benedetto is a native of Amboy and the second youngest of seven children.

He attended Syracuse University and is a graduate of the Syracuse University College of Law.

He began his legal career as an intern in a law office in 1985 and worked his way through law school until becoming an attorney, then joining the court system in 1992, where he started as a part-time law clerk to a judge and worked his way up to becoming a full-time Family Court Referee, a position similar to an administrative judge.

As a referee, Benedetto hears cases involving domestic violence, custody/visitation disputes, and issues of alleged child neglect/abuse.

Over the past 10 years, he has been responsible for helping thousands of families successfully resolve their disputes.

In addition to his experience with Family Court, he represented clients in his private law practice and worked for several years as an assistant district attorney.

Over the years, Benedetto has been an active community volunteer.

He served for many years on the Altmar-Parish-Williamstown school board, coached Little League, helped with Parish Relay for Life, served on the Amboy Planning Board and helped organize the APW Educational Foundation.

As past coordinator of the Oswego County Mock Trial Program, Benedetto’s efforts annually served 75-100 high school students.

Benedetto and his wife, Patty, are active volunteers on the Oswego County Search and Rescue Team.

They are K9 handlers and trainers for Search and Rescue dogs, Philip, a yellow lab, and Leela, a black lab.

He also holds an amateur radio license which ties into his search and rescue work.

Benedetto and his family are outdoor enthusiasts.

He’s a lifelong sportsman, avid hiker and amateur photographer.

He and his wife are members of the Oswego County ATV Club and involved in the Square Valley Trail Blazers Snowmobile Club as landowners and active riders.

Benedetto and his wife are parents to five children, ages 13 to 33, and have four grandchildren.

He credits his life and family experiences as one of the keys to his success, and greatest accomplishment to date.

“As Family Court Judge, I want the same things for the children I see in court that I want for my own children and grandchildren,” Benedetto said, “To be happy, healthy, and safe with opportunities to thrive.”

For more information on Benedetto and his credentials, visit “Thom Benedetto For Family Judge” on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/Thom-Benedetto-for-Family-Judge-511587468945954/, or www.ThomForJudge.com.