Benefit Planned for Ryan Barry

FULTON, NY – Ryan Barry  was attending a camp at Casowasco.  While riding a mountain bike on a trail through the woods, going down a steep hill, he hit a rock, lost control of the bike and hit a tree.

He was wearing a helmet and this no doubt saved his life.

Ryan Barry
Ryan Barry

Ryan suffered numerous injuries with the worst being a fractured spine and severe spinal cord injury.

He has no feelings from the waist area down.

Doctors at Gollisano Hospital operated on him and fused his spine to take the compression off the spinal cord. They put in two titanium rods to stabilize it.

After five weeks in the hospital, he is now home and learning to live his life.

He is confined to a wheelchair but has begun school.

He attends the Fulton Junior High in the morning and then is tutored from home via the classroom video in the afternoon.

He has many days of physical therapy at his home as well.

Ryan still has a brace on his body and is looking forward to the day when he no longer needs that.  Once that is removed, he will have more mobility in his upper body area.
A benefit fundraiser all-you-can-eat pasta dinner has been scheduled for October 20 at The Oasis Room at Thunder Island on Wilcox Road in Fulton from noon to 4 p.m.

Tickets are $10 for an adult and $5 for children under 10 years old.

A limited amount of tickets will be available at the door.

There will be door prizes, raffles, 50/50 and a cash bar. Music will be provided by Marybeth and Rob Hill.

Advance sale tickets can be purchased from Theresa Broderick (592-8068), Sue Patrick 592-7449) or Jan Rebeor (593-1930).

The Blue Moon Grill will also have tickets available.

The Barry family – Bob and Sue need a handicapped vehicle for Ryan and we hope with your support, we will be able to help them with this.

He is a young man with a long life to live and your support would go a long way in giving Ryan a quality life for him and his family.