B.E.S.T. For Our Future Task Force Formed

Submitted article

At the first meeting of the B.E.S.T. (Balancing Education and School Taxes) for Our Future Task Force, members of the APW community were asked to serve the district in an advisory capacity to review the building project modifications, goals and objectives and determine how best to communicate with the residents of the district their findings and recommendations.

The Task Force is made up of members of various APW community agencies and businesses, administrators from the district, three board members and several parent participants. The group is led by two outside facilitators who are familiar with APW district issues, Joe Caruana and Mike Egan, two former superintendents in the county.

“For educational reasons we are focused on a two-building campus,” Egan told the group, adding, “We are asked to identify appropriate factual information and the method that the information can be shared to inform the community of a K-12 campus plan.”

The committee is examining changes to the original construction proposal which will make possible the move to a 2-building campus.

“Balance is key,” said one member of the group, adding that the real challenge is fiscal responsibility while maintaining quality programming to ensure a sound educational foundation for the future of our children.

The Task Force will provide a written report to the APW Board of Education at the October 22nd BOE meeting with their findings from the meetings in September and October.