Best Kept Secret !

To The Editor:
Fulton has the best kept secret and it is a sidewalk system.

Yes, there is a sidewalk system that runs from Seneca Street all the way out to the college on both sides of Route 481.

Now this sidewalk system is what some would call a groundhog sidewalk system.

You know, it goes away in November and comes back in May.

It is used from May to November by the walkers and shoppers. But in Novenver these users are relegated to using Route 481 as their means of getting from any businesses on that Route.

There is also one that runs from Cayuga Street on Holly Drive connecting with East Broadway and continues across the bridge to the Fulton War Memorial.

Not all is cleared and it should be.
Now these users may not all be direct taxpayers but, some are and that means they should have the sidewalks cleared for use from November to May.

Having the sidewalks cleared is a service that should be supplied by the city of Fulton.

This service is a benefit to not only the walkers and shoppers but it makes our city of Fulton look inviting to potential home buyers.

Why hasn’t the city taken it upon itself to clear these avenues of travel?

Money, money, money! is what they will say.

Yet they have money every year to do remodeling of tax foreclosed properties.

They should get out of that business and supply the services that taxes should be used for.

They could hire part-time seasonal help to clear the sidewalks on all the main thoroughfares in the city.

Our DPW already is over-worked and undermanned and would not be able to handle these added tasks.

Let’s not wait for someone to get hurt because the sidewalks weren’t cleared for them to use.

Now I know there will be people out there that will say “Why pay to clear the sidewalks, people don’t use them.”

To them I say “Everyone has to have a choice, and we must do our best to give them the choice to use either the sidewalk or the street.”

When there isn’t any other choice but the road we haven’t done our job.

We use to walk in the roads back when I was a kid but it was the side streets.

Not the main roads.

Wake up Fulton and make our groundhog sidewalk system an endangered species.

Frank Castiglia Jr.


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