Billboards Show The Way To Oswego’s Fort Ontario

Janet West Clerkin and Paul Lear display a replica of one of the billboards In back are Mary Ellen Barbeau and Kelly Jordal of the tourism office

OSWEGO – All roads lead to Fort Ontario. And, four new billboards will show the way.

“There’s four billboards, two designs. This one, and the other has that great aerial view of the fort,” said Fort Ontario Historic Site Manager Paul Lear as he displayed a replica of a billboard depicting soldiers.

The billboards promote Fort Ontario through the budget of Oswego County Promotion and Tourism, Lear told Oswego County Today.

“One billboard on I81 near Fort Drum ran April and May and will be up again during July and August,” said Janet West Clerkin Tourism and Public Information Coordinator for Oswego County. “The other on I81 near Sandy Creek will be up May though July.”

David Owens in the county’s tourism office created the graphics for both boards.

“We received a good discount from Lamar as a non-profit. Lamar has been generous with us, allowing us to utilize space when it’s available,” Clerkin said. “We are working on another board to be posted at 104-104B and possibly one more on Route 104 near Fair Haven.”

“This should help bring more tourists traveling in the area into Fort Ontario,” Lear said. “When people stop and see what Oswego has to offer, the hope is they will come back to visit again.”

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  1. I had a person from out of town in an Uber asking about sites in the city. I suggested the fort and the maritime museum. He said he had been to both and they were closed. It was mid week and mid day???????

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