Bion Announces Kreider Farms Permit Approved

OSWEGO, NY – Bion Environmental Technologies announced Thursday that its application for a Demonstration Permit for its Kreider Farms project Phase 1 has been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Bion is the company proposing a large integrated beef cattle processing, ethanol and renewable energy project for somewhere in Oswego County.

If completed, the proposed integrated and closed-loop processing project would be the largest cattle livestock facility east of the Mississippi River.

The facility would provide an estimated 500 to 600 full-time, skilled and semi-skilled jobs for the Oswego County regional economy.

Bion is a technology company and will not actually manage the Oswego County facility once it is operational.

“The permit is for the implementation of a Bion comprehensive waste processing system on a commercial dairy in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania,” said Jeff Kapell, vice president of project development for Bion.

Bion has recommended that it be a precondition for the Oswego County project from the original introduction of the project to the community.

“The Oswego County community can rely on this installation as a supplemental demonstration of the proven capabilities of Bion’s waste treatment technology in addition to a full regulatory review of activities at all project facilities,” Kapell said.

“We need to sit down with the engineers to confirm a time line, but project updates will be available certainly on Bion’s corporate website or possibly on the new Pennsylvania project website as well as through press releases,” Kapell told Oswego County “As it becomes operational, we’ll be looking to bring together a scientific oversight panel of independent experts and regulatory officials; someone from Oswego with appropriate credentials will be included.”

The project might be operational by March 2011.

“We are very pleased to have resolution on the Kreider Farms permitting for Phase 1 and look forward to a timely installation for Phase 1,” Jeremy Rowland, Bion’s chief operating officer, said in a prepared statement. “Now that Phase I is permitted, we will expedite the completion of our Phase II permit application related to the Kreider poultry operations and expect to file it shortly.”

A trio of Bion officials faced some skepticism from a large crowd at a seminar last month regarding the proposed Oswego County project.

The Bion project is clearly not a traditional farming enterprise, Kapell said following the event.

At the heart of Bion’s approach is its “integral commitment to the New York State Environmental Quality Review process,” he said.

“This permit process protects the interests of the community by ensuring community environmental and quality of life standards are met,” he pointed out. “All new business activity must seek approval by the review and only those that prove worthy receive permits.”

Bion will be no exception to this rule, he added.

About Bion:

Bion Environmental Technologies has provided environmental treatment solutions to the agriculture and livestock industry since 1990.

Bion’s patented next-generation technology provides a unique comprehensive treatment of livestock waste that achieves substantial reductions in nitrogen and phosphorus, ammonia, greenhouse and other gases, and pathogens.

Bion’s process simultaneously recovers cellulosic biomass from the waste stream to produce renewable energy.

For more information, visit

Also, provides detailed answers to many questions, and is being updating more information to include concerns raised at the July forum hosted by SUNY Oswego.

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  1. When will BION tell us who is going to build and operate all the facilities in Oswego County. BION can’t answer most questions about the project because they are not the ones who will build or operate it. So why are we bothering to talk to them?

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