Bipartisanship Returns To Life

To The Editor:
It’s Alive, It’s Alive.

Yes Bipartisanship has been brought back from a near death experience.

After last month’s Public Safety Committee meeting where Bipartisanism was rushed out of the meeting and given its last rites and placed on life support, all hope seemed lost.

Enter into the ICU, the Oswego County Health Committee. Lead by Jack (Dr. Kildare) Proud, along with James (Dr. Gilespie) Karasek.

Also on the medical team was Terry (Young Dr. Kildare) Wilbur, Margret (Dr. Beverly Crusher) Kastler, Heather (Dr.Elizabeth Blackwell) DelConte, last but not least Frank (Alexander Fleming) Castiglia.

The team was formed by Kevin (Young Dr. Frankenstein) Gardner.

After a brief examination of the patient (bipartisanship) and a discussion regarding the diagnosis and the treatment required the team concurred that treatment was required at once.

They brought Bipartisanship back to life.

Only time will tell if it lives and prospers in the Oswego County Legislature.

This has been a very amusing and part fact and part fictional story.

The true story did in fact happen this past month in the Oswego County Health Committee meeting when adjustments to the Health budget were brought fourth and after being examined by the Director Of Public Health, Jiancheng Huang and his assistants not all adjustments were accepted but some were.

That is what is called working together or in political terms, bipartisanship.

Some give but all benefit.

All committees and the full legislative body should learn from the Health Committee.

Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr.