To The Editor:
Is a political situation, especially in the context of a two-party system, as is the case for countries such as the United States, in which opposing political parties find common ground through compromise, in theory?

This is in contrast to partisanship, where an individual or political party only adheres to their interests without compromise.

It has been debated among political theorists however that in practice, each party advances their own political agenda at the expense of the other party because of the conflicting ideologies.

Keeping this above definition in mind I want you to read the following post from a current Oswego County legislator off his fb post of Nov. 2nd.

“Politics vs Painting: I was definitely happier when I was painting bridges/towers Etc with the union. When I finished a job you could look at it and feel like you have accomplished something and it was noticeable. In politics it’s an act of God to get something done you must get everyone involved to agree & vote to make a change that someone always has an issue with. A process that is easily disrupted when a person constantly wants to have the spotlight to ask unrelated irrelevant questions causing zero productivity (Frank). It took me most of my first term to learn the process & what it takes to actually make progress. I have gone and met a lot of people running for the county legislature to see whom I feel I could work with and get the most done with. Kelvin “Chip” Kio in the 18 District, Bob Hayes 10th District, Jay Scanlon 16th District, Tim Stahl 20th District, Terry M Wilbur 21st District, Pete Holmes 24th District and last but certainly not least Louella Leclair 25th District to replace the single most useless person ever involved in politics Mr. Frank Castiglia Jr. Believe me I sugar coated the hell out of the last one. Anyway I’m asking you people to take the time and vote for these people & help me get the support to actually get some stuff done. I’m sure their are some people I may have forgot but this (stuff) isn’t scripted it‘s what’s on my mind. I got involved in this stuff to make a difference it certainly isn’t the money, prestige or because I have the extra time. I’m determined to make a difference and I’m asking for help to make it happen. Please take note of these names & if they’re on your ballot support them so we may actually get some stuff done thanks.”

Now after reading this you tell me if there is any hope for Bipartisanship in the county legislature.

Thank God he is only one person but you know what they say about apples in a barrel.

Now this legislator being in the majority caucus has a real problem because in my two years the minority caucus has never been able to stop any STUFF that the majority caucus wanted to do.

Sounds like its cheese and crackers time again…

Bipartisanship is a very nice political word to use. What is always left out is this little ditty: It’s my sandbox and you must play by my rules.

Happy New Year!
Frank Castiglia Jr. 25th District.