Bird Friendly Coffees Now Available at Time & Again Books & Tea in Oswego

OSWEGO, NY – In the US, according to a United States Department of Agricultural Study (2007-2008), coffee comes in third as the most popular beverage, after plain water and soda.

Although controversy has arisen whether coffee is indeed a good choice, or a bad choice,
depending upon the year, health benefits have been argued.

However, this does little to sway drinkers away from a beverage that has become a national addiction. And to most, it tastes too good to give up, even if the jury sways toward the negative!

But for many, there is a concern about which brands of coffee to purchase. Is the sort of coffee we drink important to more than the consumer’s budget and taste preferences?

With 20% of all Americans considering themselves as birdwatchers, it comes as no surprise that each spring we delight in not just bright daffodils and tulips, but the songbirds that return week after week until they are in full force by summer enchanting us with their soulful tunes.

With an expenditure of $36 billion in 2001 toward bird-watching activities, birding may be almost as popular to Americans as drinking coffee.

Should birders be concerned with the coffee they are drinking on their way to their birdwatching activities?

Over the past decades, fewer and fewer Chestnut-Sided Warblers, Wood Thrushes and Baltimore Orioles, as well as other wintering varieties have failed to return to Central
New York.

Boomer bird aficionados have noted that some bird numbers have fallen to half of what they were in the 1960s, which statistics from environmental and academic organizations have verified.

Migratory birds winter in Central and South American locations such as Nicaragua, which have suffered serious forest cover losses over the past two or three decades, through farming and urban development, seriously affecting birding habitats.

Along with synthetic pesticides/fertilizers used for crop growth, bird parents are unable to produce new chicks, with fewer and fewer birds returning north each season.


Through the purchase of ‘shade grown’ Bird Friendly sustainable farms, migratory birds can locate rainforests where coffee is grown under a forest canopy. If in addition, Synthetic fertilizers aren’t used, parents and chicks will increase in populations in the future.

“At Time & Again Books & Tea, we sell a lot of birding books during the year, especially during the summer months,” said Deborah Engelke, owner/manager. “It is evident that bird watching is a serious entertainment in Oswego. Therefore, we have recently ordered Bird Friendly Coffee from Birds & Beans located in Boston and Toronto to sell to our customers. For a few cents more, we can enjoy not only our coffee habit, but also the birds we’ve come to love.”

For more information, contact Time & Again Books & Tea, 18 E. Utica St., at 342-7552.