Bishop’s Commons Staying Fit With SUNY Oswego

OSWEGO, NY – Residents at Bishop’s Commons are excited about getting fit and staying active with the help of SUNY Oswego Health and Wellness student Joshua Harrington during a twice weekly Senior Fit Class offered at the Assistive Living Residence.

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Dr. Mingjung Seo, resident Vivian Stone and student Joshua Harrington.

With the return of SUNY students teaching strength and fitness classes under the direction of Assistant Professor of Health Promotion and Wellness, Dr. Mingjung Seo, residents work on upper and lower body movement and strength by incorporating the use of resistance bands.

In addition, the program is customized by the facilitator to meet the needs of residents at all levels of abilities.

“We are pleased to continue our outreach efforts at Bishop’s Commons and look forward to continued success with the residents who reside there,” said Dr. Seo.

Senior living coordinator Julie Chetney noted, “The residents have enjoyed the enthusiasm and expertise of the SUNY Students in the past and Josh is no exception.”

Bishop’s Commons is an Assistive Living residence for seniors located just outside the city of Oswego providing the comforts of home without the worries.

For more information about activities and programs at Bishop’s Commons, call Chetney at 349-0799.