Board of Elections Rules Parkhurst’s Mayoral Petitions Invalid

Ethan Parkhurst speaking at a recent meeting of the Fulton Common Council. Photo: Randy Pellis

by Randy Pellis

OSWEGO, April 17, 2019 — The county Board of Elections dealt Fulton mayoral hopeful Ethan Parkhurst a serious blow Monday ruling both his Republican and Conservative petitions invalid.

Parkhurst intends to continue his campaign as an independent, and to do so he must circulate new petitions. He has until May 28 to submit the signatures of at least 161 registered voters (regardless of party) who have not already signed a designating petition.

Stating that denying him the opportunity to primary for a major party line in Fulton’s mayoral election “takes the voices of the people away,” Parkhust said, “So, at the end of the day, I still want them to have that voice, and I’ll stand by my promise, and I will be on that ballot in November because the people deserve it.”

Parkhurst lost the right to primary for the Republican nomination by 2 signatures.

He submitted 97, according to Board of Elections Republican Commissioner Peggy Bickford. Ten signatures were disallowed, leaving Parkhurst with 87 valid signatures. He needed 89.

According to Commissioner Bickford, Parkhurst missed qualifying for the Conservative primary by even less. He needed 5 signatures. He had 26. Of those, 22 were ruled invalid, leaving him with 4 valid signatures. He missed by one.

Of the 10 Republican signatures ruled invalid, 5 were ruled out on a very quirky technicality. Two pages of signatures were witnessed by 2 people. Only one witness is allowed. Bickford asked the state for guidance on how to rule.

“The state said they’d never seen anything like that before,” she said. The state told her she could accept the signatures obtained by one witness or the other but not both. On one sheet, 6 signatures were witnessed by a notary, and 4 signatures were witnessed by Parkhurst. Bickford was allowed to accept the higher number, and so, 6 were accepted and 4 disallowed. The same double-witness scenario caused problems for the other sheet on which one signature was disallowed.

Bickford said Parkhurst “didn’t realize he couldn’t finish off a page that way (with 2 witnesses). He could have just started another page (separating the pages into those with only the signatures each had witnessed) and got his signatures, but he didn’t.”

The Conservative petitions presented a more severe problem. The 22 invalid signatures were ruled to have been obtained by someone who is not a registered member of the Conservative Party. Only the 4 signatures witnessed by a notary were ruled valid. A notary does not have to be a member of the party for which the petitions are circulated, according to Bickford. This left Parkhurst one signature short.

Parkhurst contends all his Conservative signatures were ruled invalid. Either way, he will not be running a Conservative primary against Deana Michaels, whose petitions were not challenged.

Deana Michaels was also successful in obtaining the Republican line on the ballot. Her petitions were not challenged on that line either.

Parkhurst’s Republican and Conservative petitions were both challenged by Michaels.

“What I didn’t see coming was my Conservative witness being thrown out,” Parkhurst said. “That was a curveball I didn’t see.”

“But,” he said, “at the end of the day, I’m going to be on that ballot in November, and I feel I relate to these people because we know struggle. We know how it is to live in the situations we’re living in.

“We keep segregating people,” he said, “separating them in party lines, or even in everyday life. I believe in unity. I don’t think we need to be segregating people based on party anymore, especially in this little city of Fulton, we need to work together to fix this.

“We need people to stand up for what we believe in,” he said, “and we need people to stand up for our hometown.”

As of this morning, neither Deana Michaels, nor Fulton’s Democratic candidate for mayor, Dan Farfaglia, could be reached for comment.


  1. I know that this guy’s heart may seem to be in the right place. Yet this is a clear representive of his in-experiences. You need to do your research, know those policies and procedures before you jump into any political position. We cant just wake up and say ‘I want to be mayor”. If this guy is sincere then he should be starting off maybe as an alderman which would show him how complex things can be.

  2. Here we go again…a fine man is trying to help fix the problems in little ole Mayberry…well let’s say this..I myself and my family have had enough..we are now looking to purchase property in the GREAT state of Tennessee..where people are treated with dignity and respect…unlike these damn yankees.which yes I am one ( kinda) I’m a Canadian,who yes has a honerable discharge from the military..this state and even Mayberry will end up just like will implode by itself,with the help of its many many lying alderman..(you know who you are) I could put names out but I won’t yet…let’s say this ..maybe you should get your e.m.t.certificate and work for menters..can’t wait to square off with you as we play in our sand box soon..I have MANY questions for you..let’s see how you react to them when you don’t have any backing…good by Mayberry…I’ll have to the last fool left…see you on Saturday nights alderman..ha ha ha…

  3. This isn’t the only young man that seems to of had problems. Another young man that has plenty of skeletons in his closet that haven’t come out, includes multiple women, children, family issues and many more items. Once ran for an office in the City of Fulton and lost, and is currently running for another position. Wake up people of Fulton and see what has happened and is still happening in front of your eyes!

  4. That’s the whole problem,, people need to worry about there own family..not have to worry about who is screwing up the local government… can’t grasp yet why we own a campground.a lake that is useless,a river they do nothing with,cross walks that motorist ignore,a HUGE drug problem,but yet people..THEY WANT TO SPEND 15,000 Dollars for a study at the Nestle’s site (really) I’ll tell you how big it is and what it’s zoned for and what ammonites it has,done deal pay me fifty bucks ,I’ll measure it up..then they wanna build a stair case behind the cop shop that leads to the river,I can drive down there behind tow stairs to deal with..yet when you approach the city,( Where do you suppose the funds come from) is always there response,well boys ,if you would have listened to the average Joe,we would be doing as well as OSWEGO,by the way does anyone know how to get to Oswego? yes your right,you have to pass thru Fulton .. imagine that, people go to Oswego to have a great time.yet in Fulton we just go hang under that BEAUTIFUL BRIDGE,AND GET TORE UP..wake up Fulton, Oswego is booming…and you wanna know why,,LOOK AT THE MAYOR, HE’S YOUNG.HES HONEST,AND HE KNOWS WHAT YEAR IT IS,HE IS NOT PLAYING WITH PEOPLE’S MONEY…he is the best that Oswego has seen in a very very long time…if EVELYN WAS STILL WITH US ,the election process would have been much easier..she knew how many and what Ethan needed to get on the ticket,not how much we can shred this man..Fulton wake up ..we need these CRONEIES GONE YESTERDAY..I know ALOT more than I’m gonna print at this time..when I find what I’m digging for..I’ll prove that they are all corrupt..maybe we as a whole can bring charges against them,as they would if it was us..let’s go glamping in my living room mr.mayor left a sour taste in my mouth and I will BREAK this apart ,just to see this regime exit,I’m digging for all the information before I come at the city hall ..but rest assured I’m worst than the Mueller’s report..I have ALOT of ammo on all involved..(campground) is where you all went wrong three years ago…

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