Board To Consider Two For Superintendent Job

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego City School District’s Board of Education will consider two candidates for superintendent on Monday.

Preliminary interviews are scheduled with each applicant, according to Bill Silky, a consultant hired to assist in the search.

“The board set very tight and deliberate criteria (residency full-time, familiarity and history in Oswego, long-term commitment) and wanted to do just a local search,” he explained. “So we anticipated a very small pool of candidates.”

Last Friday was the deadline to submit applications.

The search ended up getting “two very solid school administrators for board consideration,” he added.

Both meet the criteria the board established, Silky said.

Neither is currently a superintendent.

“The next step in the process is for the board to interview both candidates next Monday.  After that, and assuming the board wants to move both forward, each will be invited to return to the district later in the week for a second interview with the board and interviews also with all of the stakeholder groups,” Silky explained.

The process includes meeting with the board, and being interviewed not only by the board but district administrators, support staff, high school students, union representatives, parents and other community members as well.

Each candidate will tour the district.

Former superintendent David Fischer retired in July.

Assistant superintendent Bill Crist has been acting superintendent in the interim.

The school board has said it wants to have a new superintendent in place by the end of this month.