Board Updated On School Construction Work

OSWEGO, NY – By the time the new school years starts, work should be mostly completed at Oswego High School.

Earlier this spring, ground was broken for the OHS classroom wing. There will be four classrooms added to the eastern end of the building, adjacent to the Liberty Street parking lot.

Also, the OHS cafeteria is being renovated and expanded.

Senior project manager Scott Bulriss updated the school board this week on the progress of the work.

Much of the work in the kitchen / cafeteria is nearly done, he said.

“Unless something happens right not that I don’t see, your kitchen / cafeteria will be open for school. I’m saying unless something unforeseen happens because, right now, we should make it,” he told the board.

As for the science classrooms, they may be going in with no floor tiles or ceilings, Bulriss said, adding, “We’re going to get as much done as we can before school. We may not have everything in place for those science classrooms. Hopefully, we’ll get more done then we planned on that.”

The roofing project at the middle school is also going well, he pointed out.

“They’re flying over there. They’re doing great work,” he said of the contractor.

Work is also progressing at Fitzhugh Park Elementary.

The storm line has been hooked up and new catch basins have been put in.

They haven’t finished work along the building; “We’re trying to figure out where you’re getting your water problems,” Bulriss explained. “At this time, we’re still investigating it. We’ve opened it all up and it’s all clean.”

“You’re not the first group who has opened it up and looked at it trying to figure out where the water is coming from,” said board president Sam Tripp. “It’s been going on for years.”

The ground was pitching toward the building. Now it’s pitching away from the school, Bulriss said.

“It’s dry as a bone right now. We get a half inch of rain and I go down there and it’s dry as a bone along that foundation. I don’t know what’s going on, neither does the engineer. We’re trying to figure out if you’re getting backup from the street. We’re trying to check everything out.”

It will help having the new storm drain; but that’s not all of the issue, according to Bulriss.

“You’re getting water backing up from somewhere. We don’t know where yet,” he said.