Boat Capsizes in the Oswego River forcing 3 into Frigid Water

OSWEGO, NY – A small fishing boat with 3 people in it took on water today (April 27) and capsized in the Oswego River.

The incident happened around noon, just north of the Bridge Street bridge as the boat maneuvered in the rapid currents of the river.

Fire officials state that as the boat turned to move downstream, water came pouring over the rear of the vessel, and sent the 3 occupants into the river.

All 3 people in the boat were wearing life vests, according to OFD Deputy Chief Jon Chawgo.

The rapid current sent the partially submerged boat and the 3 fishermen downstream, until they were able to grab onto the west wall of the riverbank.

Chawgo said, “Our personnel arrived on the scene quickly and were able to effect rescues of the 2 people in the water.”

Fire officials stated that one person had managed to get out of the water prior to their arrival.

The 3 fishermen were treated for exposure at the scene, but were released after being evaluated.

The water temperature in the Oswego River today is about 40 degrees.

Oswego Fire Department personnel were able to pump water from the boat, remove it from the river and place it on the trailer.

Officers from the Oswego Police Department were also on the scene to assist.

The Oswego Fire Department wants to remind everyone to practice safe boating techniques and to be safe in the fast-moving waters in the area.

Luckily, the 3 people in the water today were wearing lifevests and were able to get out of a dangerous situation unscathed, according to OFD.

The OFD has free lifejackets for rent, available at the east side fire station.

Also, the Oswego Fire Department and USCG Auxiliary will be hosting a boating safety day on May 17 near Wright’s Landing.