Boaters Now Have Access to Non-Ethanol Fuel at Oneida Nation Marinas

Oneida Nation Homelands – Mariner’s Landing Marina and Marion Manor Marina now offer non-ethanol fuel for marine engines. Since the introduction of ethanol blended fuels a few years ago boaters have struggled with fuel separation during storage and in wet environments, as well as poor engine performance.

“We are excited to be able to offer this 90 octane non-ethanol fuel to our customers who have long complained about serious fuel issues caused be the ethanol blends,” said Dave Alberico, director of marinas. “This fuel burns more efficiently giving 7 – 10 percent better performance in marine engines which more than offsets the slightly higher price. Outboards and other small engines run better, too.”

Mariner’s Landing and Marion Manor Marina, enterprises of the Oneida Indian Nation, are the only source for this non-alcohol fuel at the Southeast and North Shores of the Oneida Lake.

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