Bodley’s LOTE Club Explores The Fun Of Mardi Gras

FULTON – What do you get when you combine masks, beads and delicious food with members of G. Ray Bodley High School’s Languages Other Than English Club?

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Languages Other Than English Club members celebrate Mardi Gras with advisor Carmen Ruggio, back center.

A Mardi Gras celebration.

The fun event also served as a review opportunity for students to hear more about Frasching, where some cities in Germany host large carnivals ahead of Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday.

As students sampled a variety of foods, German teacher Carmen Ruggio, and co-advisor of LOTE, explained the period before Lent signifies a time to celebrate with elaborate costumes, masked balls and street parties that culminates on Shrove Thursday.

Students learned the event began to help drive out winter and the ghosts of darkness who had begun to lose their powers as the sun started to warm up in spring.

“The idea of this is to explain to them what people do in other parts of the world,” Ruggio said.

LOTE students soaked up the information, which also detailed how the celebrations work in France and Spain, among a few other countries.

They also created the handmade masks and were treated to candies from Ruggio.