BOE Candidate Pledges To Work To Improve The District

It is my privilege to have my name on the ballot for the upcoming OCSD board

Since retiring this past November after 23 years as a self-employed accountant, I have become a full time grandparent making my way in and out of schools, sporting events, concerts, and plays. I have had time to take note of the opportunities for learning and otherwise this district has provided for my grandkids who are currently attending Oswego schools.

If elected, it is my goal to use my financial expertise to continue to stabilize our tax base. With my background, as a Senior Budget Analysis for Alcan Rolled Products for 21 years prior to self employment, I can contribute new ideas to annual budget preparation. Planning and preparation for potential loss of tax revenue is critically important and on all these items I can contribute my over 40 years experience in business and accounting.

Continuing to improve our graduation rates, and ensuring the safety of students in the district is money well spent. Keeping our schools and students safe has to be a top priority, regardless of budget constraints.

Although I am a numbers guy, and yes I will contribute my fiscal experience to assist in making our district stronger financially, make no mistakes, I am seeking election for the children in this district.

Lately I have enjoyed conversations with many.

I have heard many positive and negative comments. We have great schools. I’m maxed out on taxes.

Who is running this district? Don’t cut the sports programs! Keep music and arts!

I don¹t take these statements lightly, but cannot promise to save, uphold, bring back, or keep anything at this point. I also will not promise to know everything about all this board seat entails.

There are obviously areas that I do not have the experience. I welcome the challenge
and will promise to make myself available to this community and strive to be
a successful board member.

If elected I will always, when making decisions, ask myself; How will this impact our kids? This is my job if elected. To serve our children in the schools they attend.

With three grandkids, playing four instruments, involved in chorus, chess club, sports, student council, girl scouts, cub scouts, and intramurals, I find myself at track meets, concerts, school plays, all-county events, spelling bees, book battles, poetry readings, carnivals, open houses, and on or in every athletic facility in town.

I never leave an event unimpressed.

Actually, I usually leave thinking how fortunate our kids are today to have such opportunities.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not mention one area that I stand strong on; special education, intervention services, counseling, and guidance. I have a grandson with special needs. I have two grandchildren who require nursing services every day. I will support those areas that support the needs of every student whatever their ability or disability is.

I thank you in advance for your vote on May 15, and I look forward to meeting, working with, and many more conversations with all of you about the future of our school district.

Francis D. Zaryski