Brenda Travis Wilson to run for Hannibal Town Council

HANNIBAL – Brenda Travis Wilson has officially accepted the nomination from the Republican Party to run for the vacant seat on the Hannibal Town Council.
Wilson is a lifelong resident of Hannibal, mother, small business owner, a community volunteer and member of several boards including being president of the Upstate NY Telefloral.
She has been a partner with her family (Jim and Sandie Travis) in operating their business for the past 17 years.
In the past years, she has taken over ownership and transitioned the 76 year strong family business, making sure it will be here for years to come.
“I feel being a business owner makes me relatable and accessible to our community and taxpayers,” Wilson said.
“The Hannibal Republican Committee is happy to endorse such a great candidate as we have in Brenda. We know that she is committed to bettering our town and helping us grow” said Terry Wilbur, chairman of the Hannibal Republican Committee.
Wilson’s platform:
*Demand fiscal responsibly and push to make the appropriate changes
*Improve communication between the town and its citizens
 *Organize and encourage volunteerisms and community involvement to promote, “Hannibal Pride”
*Promote a culture of economic development in our town.
Wilson would be honored to have your vote come November 6.