Brewerton And Fulton Speedways To Join The American Racer East Coast Cup For Modifieds For The 2011 Season

By Dave Medler for Brewerton and Fulton Speedways

After months of talks the Brewerton and Fulton Speedways will be heading in a new and exciting direction for the 2011 racing season. Both tracks will be part of the lucrative American Racer East Coast Cup for Modifieds .

One of the most asked questions was about tires; both the Modified and Sportsman teams will have a time period use up what Hoosier tires they have in stock.

There will be a new Modified sponsor announcement in the coming days that will bolster the weekly point funds as well as a twin track Modified Championship fund.

The Sportsman at Fulton Speedway will be able to use steel or aluminum wheels with steel wheel cars given a weight break. In the next couple days Sportsman teams will be seeing a point fund incentive that they haven’t seen in the past.

With this announcement it opens up talks about future Dart Dirt Race Of Champions Modifed Series Shows.

To show the benefits to be part of the program for Modifieds here is the latest release from American Racer Cup.

2011 American Racer Cup For Dirt Modifieds Will Continue to Grow. Added Contingencies Will Continue to Benefit Members. Early Membership Registration Incentive Now Also In Place.

BINGHAMTON, NY…The culmination of the first ever American Racer East Coast Modified Cup could not have been any more dramatic in 2010. On the very last night of racing Duane Howard, Craig VonDohren and Stewart Friesen all were competing for the $10,000 overall title. Howard wound up on top by a mere 5 points as VonDohren and Friesen would ultimately tie for second place in the standings. Although 2010 will be hard to top plans are currently in the works to do just that.

The $10,000 that Howard received was above and beyond his Grandview Speedway track point fund earnings. The American Racer East Coast Modified Cup served as a bonus for teams last season in its inaugural season and the momentum just continues to build. Last year Friesen proved that a team could earn a lot of money by running their weekly home track and the Race of Champions Dirt Series. For Friesen, he came up only five points short on the ECM Cup. At a mid-week event in July at Five Mile Point Speedway Danny Johnson retook the race lead from Friesen in a RoC Dirt Tour event. Johnson would go on to win with Friesen winding up in second place. Had Friesen hung on for the victory he would have not only won the ECM Cup title worth $10,000 but also would have earned a $20,000 bonus for winning the RoC Dirt title as well. Add in the RoC Championship point money of $7,000 and that one on track pass by Johnson ultimately cost Friesen well over $30,000.

Once again Lias Tire and American Racer have teamed up with the Race of Champions Dirt Series to put the ECM Cup program in motion. Like last year a lot of money and free tires will be up for grabs. Unlike last year, even more contingency programs will be available to the participating teams at no extra charge.

Recently DMI (Diversified Machine Inc.), Kirkey Racing Fabrication and Ultrashield Race Products have signed on as contingency product sponsors. More companies are looking to come on board for what should shape up to be a tremendous 2010 program.

Driver’s that register for the American Racer East Coast Modified Cup will also be eligible for one of five free bonus tires that will be given away. Lias Tire and American Racer have added five more tires to the product giveaway list. Five drivers that register prior to April 1st will be drawn for a free American Racer Tire.

This season American Racer is proud to once again offer their East Coast Modified Cup program to the teams that race at participating American Racer Cup facilities. The goal again will be to help promote Modified racing in the region, and again to reward the loyalty shown by our member tracks and their race teams.

The concept of the American Racer ECM Cup is to rank the northeast Modified drivers within a system that incorporates their weekly racing program. The will allow drivers and spectators to follow the season-long standings among the best drivers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Drivers would have their ranking based on three criteria:
1) A driver’s weekly finishes at their home track.
2) The number of teams that start a feature at each race meet.
3) A driver’s best twelve finishes in 2011.

Membership: Drivers are only required to pay a one annual processing fee of $50.00, in order to be ranked in the regional points. This $50.00 will register the driver at one particular track. American Racer decals will be provided and are to be prominently displayed on all members’ racecars. If a driver decides that he wants to run at two different member tracks, (one Friday and one Saturday) and he wants to compete for the Cup at both, he will have to pay a membership fee for each track, and will have two entries in the Cup. A driver will only be awarded for their single best overall result. Memberships must be received by the Race of Champions offices prior to May 9th to be eligible for the program.

Minimal Point Fund Breakdown:

Individual Track Funds: Each speedway would see their top 5 drivers in their weekly points earn American Racer Tires as follows:

1st – 10 tires 2nd – 6 tires 3rd – 4 tires 4th – 2 tires 5th – 1 tire

In addition to the year end tire awards, individual race track tire vendors will provide each speedway with ten tires which will be given away randomly. To be eligible for these tire giveaways a driver must be registered in the American Racer Cup.

Overall Point Fund: In addition to the individual track awards, there will be a separate point fund to be paid out to the top 5 overall American Racer Cup drivers based on the criteria listed above. These minimum payouts will be as follows:

1st – $10,000 2nd – $5,000 3rd – $3,500 4th – $2,500 5th – $2,000

Race of Champions Dirt Tour – Bonus Incentive: If the American Racer Cup overall Champion is also able to capture the overall RoC Dart Dirt Modified Tour title, the individual will receive a bonus in the amount of $20,000…giving the drivers the opportunity, as Grand Champion, to win nearly $40,000 in cash and product.

American Racer – Lias Tire and the Race of Champions have put this program together last year to show their continued support of the weekly racer. The added contingency sponsor opportunities will only help to enhance the program for the participating tracks and drivers. The American Racer East Coast Modified Cup – For the racer’s – about the racer’s.

Please contact Lias Tire at 1-800-638-7028 or email us at [email protected] The official American Racer East Coast Modified Cup website can be found at Please contact the Race of Champions offices at (607) 775-5555 or email them directly at [email protected]

Brewerton Speedway will swing the gates open on the 2011 season with Big Block Modifeds, IMCA Modifieds, Late Models, Mod Lites and Four Cylinder Super Stocks on Friday April 15th. Action on the “High Banks” of the Fulton Speedway will be Saturday, May 7th.

Any questions you have about the upcoming season you can get a hold of Cory Reed at the winter office number at 315-638-4056 or [email protected]