Brindisi Pledges To Aid County Residents

OSWEGO – Congressman Anthony Brindisi (NY-22) toured the Port of Oswego today (April 11) to learn more about the work they do and issues they are facing, including tariffs and high Lake Ontario water levels.

Congressman Anthony Brindisi addressee members of the legislature. In the background are County Administrator Phil Church and Chairman James Weatherup.

He followed that up with a visit to the Oswego County Legislature’s meeting Thursday night.

In 2017, Lake Ontario flooding caused serious damage to local businesses, residences and infrastructure.

Brindisi said he and Congressman John Katko (NY-24) sent a bipartisan letter last month to the International Joint Commission requesting immediate action to prevent more devastation in these communities already working to respond to existing damage.

“I know we’re not physically standing in the 22nd District right now, but I’m here tonight to tell the people of Oswego County that my office will work for you,” Brindisi said. “So, if you have any issue whatsoever, call us. What I want you to know is party politics means nothing to me. I want to work for everyone in this county no matter what.”

He said he is trying to work with people on both sides of the aisle to get things done in Washington.

He cited his efforts with Katko as an example.

“We had a meeting last week regarding flooding on Lake Ontario,” he said.

He is a member of the veterans and agriculture committees.

“Our farmers are struggling. We need to have a voice in Washington to look out for their interests,” he said. “One of the greatest honors I have is serving on the Veterans Committee. The men and women who fought to preserve this country deserve to have representation who are looking out for their needs. They did their duty, now it’s our turn to do our duty in Washington to make sure that they have health care, good jobs, housing and that we do something about the crisis of veterans’ suicide.”

Repairing the infrastructure is also high on his priority list.

He’d like to see a partnership between the federal government, the state and the localities to put forward an infrastructure package.

“We’re also trying to help people navigate the minefield that is the federal grant (process),” he said. “Reach out to us. We can’t write the grant for you but we can certainly help move things forward.”

“Let us know. We’ll do the digging; provide you with many options that you can apply for and we can help lend some support,” Brindisi added.

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