Brookfield Reminds Public of Dangers on New York’s Waterways

WATERTOWN, NY – While people may be tempted to take advantage of the unusually warm weather to get a head start on river recreational activities, Brookfield Renewable Energy Group reminds the public that all seasonal boating safety barriers /booms, signage and other safety measures are not yet in place at the company’s 75 hydropower facilities in New York State.

Extreme caution should be used when recreating on or near rivers.

“Our operations teams are working hard to accelerate the installation of boat barriers and other safety alert systems typically installed in late spring. We ask the public to respect closed recreation access, and to be prepared when recreating on or near water because river conditions can change quickly and without notice,” said Brookfield’s Julie Smith-Galvin. “Be vigilant about safety by avoiding dams and structures such as powerhouses and substations, and by observing all signage, warning signals, and sirens.”

Brookfield partners with the National Safety Boating Council and New York State Parks to promote the Wear It! water safety campaign. According to Smith-Galvin, “Brookfield encourages everyone to take personal responsibility for safety and wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket when recreating on or near water any time of year. Remember to Wear It! New York.”

New York’s waterways are cold, year round. Hypothermia can adversely affect people who are stranded in the water even for short periods of time, and drowning may occur. The National Safe Boating Council recommends the “1-10-1” approach to fight hypothermia if submerged in water.

Specifically, use the first minute to get breathing under control.

Then you’ll have 10 minutes of meaningful movement, and one hour before you become unconscious.

The 1-10-1 approach will only work if you are wearing a life jacket to help keep your head up.

Check out the National Safe Boating Council’s 1-10-1 video at