Buc Bulletin Earns More Honors

Submitted Article

OSWEGO, NY – Awards keep coming for the Oswego High School Buccaneer Bulletin as the paper was once again in the spotlight at the Syracuse University High School Press Day.

The event is sponsored by the Syracuse Post Standard to recognize outstanding scholastic journalists.

Buccaneer Bulletin co-editors Chrissy King and Katie DiVita proudly display a copy of their publication which was named runner up in the recent Syracuse University High School Press Day. In back are award winners Fred Maxon, Michaela Frost, Kevin Kearns and Pat Dougherty.The Buccaneer Bulletin earned honors as the staff was awarded second place in the overall newspaper competition.

Kevin Kearns earned first place for his sports story “Students on Steroids” while Fred Maxon was the recipient of the top prize in entertainment writing for his review of the movie “Juno.”

Third place recipients included Pat Dougherty and Kearns for page design, Kearns for an editorial, Katie DiVita for her column writing and Michaela Frost for photography.

Kearns was recognized for his editorial “We Should Have a College Prep Class.” Katie DiVita was recognized for her column entitled “Overschedule Kids.”

Advisor Mike McCrobie noted, “There were nine categories and this is an excellent showing for our Oswego students.”