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Dear readers,
We know that many of you try hard to find the best quality food available for your pets.

And it can be tricky.

Recently, Diamond Pet Foods issued voluntary recalls of some batches of its Diamond Naturals Kitten Formula as well as several brands from its Premium Edge line of products.

They include Premium Edge Finicky Adult Cat Formula dry cat food, Premium Edge Senior Cat Hairball Management Formula dry cat food, and Premium Edge Kitten Formula dry cat food.

The reason is that some batches of the products were found to have low levels of thiamine (Vitamin B1).

To find out whether you may have purchased any of these products go to the respective websites and check the recall information.

For Diamond Naturals products check www.diamondpet.com and for the Premium Edge products check www.premiumedgepetfood.com

To their credit, both websites offer clear ways to identify the defective products and instructions for how to obtain a refund.

Why is this important?

Cats fed with the defective products for several weeks may be at risk for developing a thiamine (Vitamin B1) deficiency.

Thiamine is essential for cats in maintaining normal nervous system function.

When cats do not get enough thiamine in their diet, the symptoms can include anorexia, weight loss, muscle weakness, abnormal mental state, staggering gate, seizure activity and unusual position (bent down) of the neck.

The symptoms rapidly progress without treatment.

A vitamin injection administered by a veterinarian can correct the deficiency and resolve the symptoms, especially if treatment is sought early.

You should  contact your veterinarian immediately if a cat is displaying any of these signs.

If treated promptly, thiamine deficiency  is usually reversible.

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