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Dear readers,
Something interesting. The ASPCA just announced a new collaboration with the New York City Police Foundation’s Crime Stoppers program.

As a result of this initiative, people in New York City can now easily provide anonymous tips about suspected animal cruelty crimes in the city’s five boroughs.

Crime Stoppers even offers rewards of up to $2,500 for tips leading to an arrest and indictment.

This is all a part of the ASPCA’s recent decision to disband the law enforcement component of its animal cruelty programs and instead focus on providing support services to the NYPD and let them be the “animal cops.”

That collaboration has proved to be very successful in terms of increased animal cruelty arrests and rescued animals.

Unfortunately, here in upstate New York, anonymous tips about animal cruelty don’t generally get you (or the animals) very far.

The law concerning anonymous tips as justifying further police investigation is convoluted and full of ambiguities.

If the police take a chance on such a tip, investigate, and make an arrest, there is a huge risk of losing the case on appeal.

The bottom line is this – if you know about animal cruelty and you want to stop it, you really need to have the courage to stand up, call 911 and make a direct report.

The animals are depending on you.

On a happier note, your dog is depending on you to join the fun at Every Dog Has Its Day, on September 27 at Fallbrook Recreation Center, 103 Thompson Road, Oswego.

It’s the 10th annual 5K-9 Race and 1-Mile Family Walk and Pets and People Celebration, with registration starting at 11 a.m.

You can find out more and sign up online at www.oswegohumane.org

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