Buddy and Porky Pet Health – What About All That Other Holiday Stuff?

Dear Readers,
Every party needs a pooper and here we are again with depressing but important advice about how to keep your pets safe over the holidays.

We’ve already established that you don’t need to panic if they munch on the poinsettias.

But what about all the other fabulous holiday stuff laying around?  What if they get into that?

You probably already know that dogs and chocolate are not good for each other.

Concentrated chocolate (like a dark chocolate baking bar) can cause real harm. If your big old lab nibbles on a cheap domestic bite size chocolate snack that is mostly lecithin and high fructose corn syrup, it is probably not cause for a lot of concern (although you should watch him for signs of distress).

But if your Chihuahua devours a whole box of Belgian fine dark chocolates, call your vet.   The best course, of course, is just to keep those kinds of treats well out of reach.

Trust us. Candy canes on a tree look great when they are all at the top. Candy canes won’t hurt your pets in all likelihood, but who wants to start Christmas morning with a big pool of pink vomit on the living room rug?

And what about that mysterious package from your least favorite relative under the tree that smells sort of like the dreaded fruitcake?

Just throw it away now. You know it tastes horrible and it is probably laced with cheap brandy.

Bad for you and your best friends!

There is a more serious problem with alcoholic drinks.

If your pets are invited to your parties (and why wouldn’t they be?) keep an eye on drniks left out at pet level by you and your guests.

They are frequently sweet, with a lovely aroma, and your pets, especailly your dogs, will be entirced by them, but alchohol can be very harmful to them.

We assume all of your friends are animal lovers too and they know that, but you know how humans get when they get to a party. They turn into “party animals!”

Speaking of which, bring a bag of scoopable litter or a bag of dry cat or kitten food (or $5) to the American Foundry on December 21 from 7 to 11 p.m. for the Third Annual Holiday fundraiser for the Oswego County Humane Society, featuring the Billionaires with Tom Ciappa.

A party for the animals with the party animals!

The Oswego County Humane Society provides spay/neuter services and assistance, fostering and adoption of animals in urgent need, humane education programs, and information and referrals to animal lovers throughout Oswego County.

Our office is located at 265 W. First St., Oswego, NY.

Phone (315) 207-1070.

Email:[email protected]

Because people and pets are good for each other!