Buddy and Porky Pet Health – Why Pets Hate Halloween

Porky and Buddy

Dear readers,
We would usually claim that we hate to nag you. But, then we looked at all of our past columns about Halloween and realized that we actually do nag a fair amount. But nagging works!

So here we go again.

The truth about Halloween is that most pets sort of hate it.

For them, it’s just people, including their own personal people, acting really weird.

Sure they like finding candy in weird places and trying to scarf it up before you can catch them, but then they get sick and you have vomit in strange colors all over your carpet.

Remember that chocolate is actually harmful to dogs, as are raisins – and the artificial sweetener, xylitol, found in some sugarless candies is extremely toxic to many animals.

So be really careful where you put all the human junk food – and maybe go get some healthy animal treats for your pets to make up for the lost chocolate opportunities.

Wires and cords from electric lights and other decorations, should be kept out of reach of your pets.

The same with burning candles.

Remember that your pets like to sniff, explore, bat at, and/or jump up on new things to check them out.

Do your decorating with that in mind.

With the exception of a few pet showoffs, most pets hate having some sort of strange costume imposed on them.

Wear your own costume if you must, but dress your pets in their birthday suits or maybe just a cute bandana.

If you insist on a costume for your poor beleaguered (or showoff) pet, make sure it is intended for pets, comfortable and safe.

Make sure your pet can breathe, bark or meow, and that its costume has no stray cords or parts than can be chewed off.

For them it’s just a sweater, you are doing this for your own amusement and ego so take that into account.

Most dogs and the vast majority of cats don’t like strangers coming to the door, much less in droves.

Unless you have the most social dog in the universe, (and please don’t delude yourself about this) keep him and your cats in a room by themselves, if possible, where they can’t even hear the commotion.

At the very least, keep them away from the front door.

Just in case one of your pets does dart out when the door is opened, make sure they have id, a collar and tags or a microchip.

Here’s a great idea.

Have fun with your pets on Halloween morning, give them treats and play time, then turn off the lights and go to bed early.

Your neighbors will think you are a grump, but what do you care?

Everybody in your house will be happy!

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