Buddy & Porky’s Pet Health: Clipping Cat’s Nails; Dog Bone Disorders

Dear Porky,

Can a cat’s nails be clipped like a dog’s?


Dear Carrie,

Thanks for your question.  The easy answer is yes, the hard thing is to accomplish this on a grown cat.  The easiest solution to cat nail clipping is to begin when the cat is still a kitten.  On a very regular basis, you should clip the tips of both the front and back claws.  Since cat claws retract, you will need to gently take the paw,  gently squeeze each individual toe to get the claw to emerge.  Using nail clippers, cut the tip of each claw to blunt the end.  Never cut more than the tip.  If you are uncertain how to do this, ask an experienced groomer or your veterinarian to demonstrate the technique.  Blunting the ends of the claws will not harm the cat’s abilities in any way.  It will however save on accidental scratches to humans.  Adult cats may require two people to accomplish clipping if the cat isn’t used to being clipped.

Dear Buddy,

Why do some dogs have bone disorders and not others?  My puppy is 4 months old and showing signs of a bone disorder.


Dear Sasha,

Thanks for your email.  There is no single factor that causes the various bone diseases.  There are however risk factors.  One is the size of the dog, mostly large or giant breeds that have a more rapid growth during their first year of growth have a greater risk for these skeletal problems. Another risk factor can be rapid weight gain.  Genetics disposes some dogs to disorders also.  Checking with the breeder if it’s a purebred is one way of finding out about the parent predisposition to these problems.  If you have a rescue dog, then you will not be able to check back through the lineage.  Your vet will be able to help you through your puppy’s situation with medications and/or exercises and surgery if necessary.

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