Buddy & Porky’s Pet Health: Help Paying For Spay & Neuter Programs

Dear Porky & Buddy,

Forgive me if I seem like a busy body, but I have a number of neighbors with pets that are not spayed or neutered. When I ask them about it, in the nicest possible way, they usually tell me that they just can’t afford it. They seem to be taking pretty good care of their pets otherwise, but I hate to see more litters of puppies and kittens and “Free to Good Home” signs everywhere. If they ask, what can I tell them about low cost options that may be available?


Dear Alice,

There’s nothing wrong with being a busy body on an issue as important as this one. And there are several programs in place that you can refer your friends to. But please suggest first that they talk to their own vets about the cost of spaying or neutering as a starting point. They find that it is not as expensive as they feared. If it truly is unaffordable, they may be eligible for the Oswego County Humane Society’s SNIP program at our spay/neuter clinic. They have to demonstrate income eligibility and the clinic primarily deals with cats, but they can call 316-207-1070 for more information about the SNIP program. There is a small co-payment.

Spay and Neuter Syracuse offers low cost spay and neuter services for both dogs (under 55 pounds) and cats at their clinic. Fees vary depending upon the size and sex of the pet and include vaccinations and flea treatment. You can find detailed information at www.spayandneutersyracuse.org.

Friends of Animals is a national organization that offers low cost spay/neuter vouchers for both dogs and cats that you can use at participating veterinarians. The cost of the vouchers varies depending on whether you have a dog or cat and the gender. To find out more, order a voucher and get the names of participating veterinarians, go to www.friendsofanimals.org.

People and Pets are Good for Each Other! To find out why, come to our “No More Petless Homes” Adoption Party, Tuesday, September 22nd from 5:30 to 8:30 at the Oswego Elks Club, 132 West Fifth Street, Oswego. There will be appetizers, a cash bar, coffee and tea, music, and lots of animals to adopt or just admire.

Come buy some stuff you really need at our “Upscale Yard Sale,” on Sunday, September 27th from noon to 5 pm at the American Foundry, 246 West Seneca Street, in Oswego. Or maybe you have some “upscale” stuff you would like to donate to help animals. Call Pat at 592-1346

The Oswego County Humane Society provides spay/neuter services and assistance, fostering and adoption of animals in urgent need, humane education programs, and information and referrals to animal lovers throughout Oswego County. Our office is located at 265 West First Street, Oswego, New York. Phone (315) 207-1070 Email: [email protected] Website: www.oswegohumane.org

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  1. HI,
    I live in Oswego County and I found 2 male stray cats that I have taken in. They both need shots, to be fixed, de-wormed, and flea and tick medicine. I am on social services and cannot afford any of this. I tried to call friends of animals but I guess the program is suspended currently. They both seem to love me a whole lot and I just don’t have the heart to turn them over to the SPCA even though they don’t get along. I am hoping once they are fixed it might help. I have to keep them apart right now.
    Are you able to help me with some of this or all of this? If so you can call me at 676-4124 or contact me at [email protected].
    Thank you in advanced for any help or guidance you might offer,

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