UPDATED – Bullets Found In Riley Elementary School Classroom


On June 16, Oswego Police and Oswego City School District officials identified a juvenile who had brought five .22 caliber bullets to school.

The 11-year-old student had obtained the bullets from an old box of ammunition belonging to the juvenile’s father.

The bullets had fallen out of the juvenile’s backpack onto a classroom floor where they were later recovered.

At this time no criminal charges are being filed and if there are any disciplinary measures they will be handled by school district officials.

According to Police Chief Michael J. Dehm Jr. “We are fortunate that, working with the school district, we were able to bring this investigation to a quick conclusion.”


OSWEGO, NY – Oswego police responded to Charles E. Riley Elementary School earlier today (June 15) regarding “a suspicious condition.”

Upon arrival, officers spoke with Oswego City School District officials who said that at the end of the school day, staff found what appeared to be five live bullets in one of the classrooms of the school.

District officials had already sent the children home for the day, and there was no indication that any children were in danger at any time.

Police confirmed that the items found were in fact five .22 caliber bullets.

Oswego City School District personnel performed multiple precautionary sweeps of the school to eliminate any concerns of additional ammunition or other dangerous material or instruments being found and will continue to do so.

Police continue to work with district officials in investigating the incident.

“Although it isn’t in and of itself illegal to possess bullets in a school, it may be a violation of district policy and it is certainly suspicious,” said Police Chief Mike Dehm. “We plan on continuing our investigation and assisting the school district in any way possible. Both of our primary concerns are, of course, for the safety of the students.”