Busy Weekend Scheduled For Oswego’s Sea Cadets

OSWEGO, NY – The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps Truxtun DDG-103 Division in Oswego will hold its monthly drill May 14 and 15 at the McCrobie Building, 41 Lake St.

The drill will be from 0700 (7 a.m.) May 14 until 1600 (4 p.m.) May 15.

As part of the weekend schedule the sea cadets will take part in the ribbon cutting ceremonies at the H.L. white museum scheduled for 1300 hours (1 p.m.) May 14.

The Truxtun Division will continue to spend the day at the museum to assist workers there with painting and other cleanup details.

Then, on May 15 the Truxtun DDG-103 Division US Navy Sea Cadet Corp will take part in boarder patrol training at the Boarder Patrol location in Oswego.

This weekend’s evolution was set up by the hard work of Operations / Training Officer Instructor Rachel Gates.

Any organization that is involved in community events that would like to know if the sea cadets can be a part of their program should contact Gates at 402-9255.

Anyone interested in joining the Sea Cadets or obtaining information is encouraged to attend a scheduled open house May 14 at 9 a.m.

As part of the open house questions will be answered following a short film presentation about the Sea Cadet program.

For more information about Navy Leaguers and Sea Cadets, contact Executive Officer LT Hoffman, USNSCC, at 315-591-0000, or email [email protected]

This is a very educational program for youth between the ages of 10 and 18.

The Sea Cadet program builds strong morals teaches leadership and teamwork.

Each cadet can train and learn many professions such as what it takes to be an airman, a photo journalist, to be in the medical and law enforcement fields, as well as training locally with the US Coast Guard in Oswego.

At this time the Sea Cadets program a division of the Navy supported also by the Coast Guard sponsored by the Navy League would like to salute our armed forces serving in the Mideast and around the world.

The US Naval Sea Cadet Corp Truxtun DDG-103 Division in Oswego is under the command of Lieutenant Commander Peggy A. Farnsworth.