By the Numbers Part I (Or a Tale of Two Counties)

To The Editor:
First to go under the microscope is Onondaga County. Just south of us. Let’s look at the numbers for Onondaga County:

Population: 467,026 (2010 census)
Number of Cities: 1
Name and Population of City:
Syracuse-145,170 (2010-census)
Number of Towns – 19
Number of Villages – 15
Number of County Legislators: 17
Number of County Legislators Representing Syracuse: 6

Now by the numbers you have 11 legislators representing some 29,259 each and the city of Syracuse has 6 legislators representing some 24,195 each.

Salary: $29,430 (for each legislator)

Next up your very own Oswego County.

Population: 122,109 (2010-census)
Number of Cities: 2
Oswego -18,142 (2010-census)
Fulton -11,896 (2010-census)
Number of Towns – 22
Number of Villages – 9
Number of County Legislators: 25
Number of County Legislators representing cities of Fulton and Oswego: 8
Now by the numbers you have 17 legislators representing some 5,416 each and in the two cities you have 8 legislators representing some 3,755 each.
Salary: $12,345 (for each legislator)

Doing the math it comes out this way: Onondaga County pays their legislators a little over $1 per person represented.

Oswego County pays each legislator somewhere between $2.28 to 3.29 per person represented.

By the numbers Oswego County Legislators get paid 2 to 3 times more per person represented than Onondaga County pays its legislators.

If you were to do a similar population to population representation and salary it might look like this:

City of Syracuse population is 145,170 – 6 legislators
Oswego County population is 122,109 – 25 legislators
Cost to represent the City of Syracuse: $176,580
Cost to represent the County of Oswego: $308,625

The County of Onondaga and the City of Syracuse are taking a long hard look at combining Governments in an effort to save the taxpayers money.

At this point you might ask yourself, what ever happened to Goals 2000?

A study done in the late 1990s by a taskforce made up of some of the finest minds from all different areas of business within Oswego County.

Let’s take this study out, dust it off and see what we are missing.

This study might give Oswego County the same answers that Onondaga County got from their study.

First up should be the lowering of the number of legislators.

If six can handle 145,170(population of the City of Syracuse) then why couldn’t six handle 122,109 (the entire population of Oswego County).

I for one would vote for this.

Now you must ask yourself if your legislator would be in favor of saving you and the rest of the county $132,045 a year.

If you notice I gave them a $12,000 raise.

Next up is the school districts.

Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr. 25th District

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  1. Amazing – Can’t wait to see the School Districts compared. By the way thank you for the articles – really opening up some eyes here.

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