C-NS Topples Buc Tennis Team

Staff report

Rain fell yet again on the Oswego tennis squad as it fought against Cicero-North Syracuse.

The Lady Bucs were without top singles player Jesse Lalonde and first doubles player Jillian Doty, giving other teammates a chance to take on the 6-3 Northstars.

C-NS took all seven matches.  Only one match — Lindsay Rose’s 2-6, 5-7 loss to Meghan Stone — was close.

“The girls played hard and enjoyed the competition,” said coach Andrea DeSantis. “I was very proud of their attitudes and good sportsmanlike behavior towards their opponents.”


Lauren Osada (CNS) def. Dominique Canale (O) 6-3; 6-0
Meghan Stone (CNS) def. Lindsay Rose (O) 6-2; 7-5
Kelsey Wilson (CNS) def. Alison Knight (O) 6-2; 6-1
Becca Cain/Stephanie Fahrbach (CNS) def. Chandler Caroccio /Marissa Canale (O) 6-4; 6-1
Jessica Geary /Alma Puskar (CNS) def. Mariah LaLonde/Lauren Usherwood (O) 6-0; 6-0
Rachael Cary/Jordyn Kazel (CNS) def. Meghan Kelly/Brennan Banta  (O) 6-3; 6-1
Lindsay Priest/Alissa Mirizio (CNS) def. Chelsea Geroux/Chelsee Brockwell (O) 6-1; 6-1