CAC Welcomes Rachel Muntz

FULTON, NY – Executive Director of the Child Advocacy Center of Oswego County Karrie Damm, has announced that Rachel Muntz has joined the staff as a victim advocate.

Rachel Muntz
Rachel Muntz

A graduate of SUNY Oswego, Muntz, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Justice.

A native of Philadelphia in Jefferson County, Muntz previously served an internship with the CAC where she shadowed Victim Advocate Tracy Henry.

“My internship at the CAC opened my eyes,” said Muntz. “I was fortunate in that I was a raised in a middle class home with parents that sacrificed a lot so that I and my siblings had what we needed. My experience with the CAC clearly showed me that not everyone had a similar childhood. The children we see at the CAC need our help. It was a great experience that cemented my thoughts of wanting to work with children.”

Throughout her middle school and high school years Muntz volunteered for a variety of organizations and community events and during college participated in Mentor Oswego.

A program in which she visited middle and elementary schools to assist students with their homework and work with those that needed more attention due to their home life or other social reasons.

“I’m a strong believer in giving back to your community and I knew that I wanted to help people. The CAC is the perfect outlet for me to do so.  I especially have a passion for helping those who have been victims of sex crimes. The CAC provides me with the opportunity to fulfill that passion,” said Muntz.

As a victim advocate, Muntz works closely with the CAC’s Multi-Disciplinary Team that is comprised of a cross-section of law enforcement investigators, child protective services, probation officers, medical providers, therapeutic professionals, victim support professionals, and the district attorney’s office.

The CAC’s Multi-Disciplinary Team works to reduce the trauma to children and respective family members undergoing an investigation of child sexual and physical abuse.

Working in collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team, Muntz assists children and their families who are victims of abuse to ensure that they receive the support they need and are able to access the specific services they require.

“Working with the MDT is amazing. It is remarkable to watch so many different people from different agencies come together to work towards a common goal,” said Muntz.

Muntz added that one of the more interesting aspects of being a victim advocate is accompanying children and their parents to court.

She provides emotional support for the families and assists them throughout the legal process.

“I learn something new every time I attend court,” said Muntz. “Much like working with the MDT, it is inspiring to attend court and witness people from so many different walks of life working together toward a common goal…justice for the victims and their families.”

According to Damm the relationships that Muntz has forged with members of the Oswego Country justice system and the MDT during her internship will serve her well in her new position at the CAC.

“Rachel is a welcome addition to our staff. She brings with her a desire to improve the lives of others and she is a valuable resource for the families we serve here at the CAC,” said Damm.

Located at 301 Beech St. in Fulton, the CAC of Oswego County is a non-profit charitable organization that provides a safe, child-friendly site for the investigation, prosecution and treatment of child abuse.

The CAC also has a satellite office located at 4822 Salina St., Pulaski.

For more information on the Child Advocacy Center of Oswego County you may contact them at 315-592-4453.

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