CAC Welcomes Tracy Henry

Written by: John DeRousie, Custom Marketing Solutions
Fulton, NY – Executive Director of the Child Advocacy Center of Oswego County, Karrie Damm, has announced that Tracy Henry has joined the staff as Lead Victim Advocate.

A graduate of SUNY Oswego, Henry holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Justice, with a minor in Forensic Science.

Tracy Henry
Tracy Henry

A native of Narrowsburgh in Sullivan County, Henry had previously worked as a victim advocate with Oswego County Opportunities’ Services to Aid Families program.

At SAF Henry worked with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault crimes.

Her experience assisting adult clients and working with family court provided her with valuable knowledge regarding the workings of the justice system.

While Henry found serving adult clients rewarding, she is looking forward to the challenges of working with children and their families.

“I became familiar with the CAC through my work with SAF and I admired what they do. I enjoy working with children and I was looking to gain a different perspective on the role of victim advocate.  This opportunity with the CAC allows me to both,” said Henry.

As a victim advocate, Henry will work closely with the CAC’s Multi-Disciplinary Team that is comprised of a cross section of law enforcement investigators, child protective services, probation officers, medical providers, therapeutic professionals, victim support professionals, and the district attorney’s office.

The CAC’s multi-disciplinary team works to reduce the trauma to children and respective family members undergoing an investigation of child sexual and physical abuse.

Working in collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team, Henry will assist children and their families who are victims of abuse to ensure that they receive the support they need and are able to access the specific services they require.

“Families that come to the CAC have experienced a traumatic event and have had their lives completely disrupted. I help them navigate the system and am a source of comfort for the non-offending parent or caregiver. Talking and listening is a large part of what I do as I offer them emotional support and relieve the pressure of who to call and what to do. Additionally I serve as a conduit between them and the D.A.’s office, family court, probation, criminal court, and the child protective agency.  I also keep them updated on their court cases,” said Henry.

“It’s challenging work and every day is a new experience.  You never know who is coming in and everyone has a different story. I find it rewarding to meet the challenge that each new case presents. It’s nice to know that my efforts can make a difference in a person’s life,” added Henry.

According to Damm the relationships that Henry has forged with members of the Oswego Country justice system and her familiarity with how it operates will serve her well in her new position at the CAC.

“Tracy is a welcome addition to our staff.  She brings with her a wealth of knowledge that will prove to be a valuable resource for the families that we serve here at the CAC.  Tracy is a truly kind, empathic, and assertive person…a great combination for a Lead Victim Advocate.  I know she will assist children and families in their recovery process and be a very important team member for the multidisciplinary team.” said Damm.

Located at 301 Beech St. in Fulton, the CAC of Oswego County is a non-profit charitable organization that provides a safe, child-friendly site for the investigation, prosecution and treatment of child abuse.

The CAC also has a satellite office located at 4822 Salina St., Pulaski.

For more information on the Child Advocacy Center of Oswego County, call 315-592-4453.