Calling All Residents: Dial the Full 10-Digit Phone Number

Oswego County E-911 director Michael Allen reminds residents that a new 680 area code overlay is being added to the geographic area served by the 315 area code. Because more than one area code will serve the same geographic area, Central New York residents who have a 315 or 680 phone number will need to enter the area code for all calls - including calls within the same area code. The new calling procedure will be required for all calls beginning Feb. 11, 2017.hone

OSWEGO COUNTY – Oswego County is reminding residents that a new area code is coming to Central New York.

A ‘680’ area code will be assigned to new telephone numbers throughout the region beginning in March.

Existing phone numbers with the ‘315’ area code will not change.

However, it will be necessary to dial the area code when making a telephone call.

Starting on February 11, people will be required to dial the full 10-digit number when placing local phone calls, just as they do for long-distance calls.

Phone calls made with only the traditional seven digits will not go through and callers will hear a recording directing them to hang up and try again.

While most mobile and digital landline telephones will connect the call with the new 10-digit requirement, some traditional analog landlines may also require the caller to dial a ‘1’ before the 10-digit number.

Placing calls outside the ‘315’ and ‘680’ area codes will also require you to dial a ‘1.’

Calling rates will not change and residents will still be able to dial ‘911’ in the event of an emergency.

Other services such as ‘211,’ ‘411,’ ‘511,’ and ‘811’ will all continue to work normally as well.

It is recommended that residents update their contacts as well as any automatic dialing features they use, such as speed dial on their landline phone, dial-up internet service with their modem, or the call center for their alarm systems.