Campus-City Relations Committee Introduces ‘One City, Once Campus, One Community’ Campaign

OSWEGO, NY – The Campus-City Relations Committee is introducing a new public awareness campaign to help address quality-of-life issues in the city of Oswego.

The “One City, One Campus, One Community” campaign is designed to make students aware of the importance of respect for property and the need for courtesy.

One City, One Campus, One Community
The CCRC’s “One City, One Campus, One Community” campaign has begun rolling out its awareness campaign to address quality-of-life issues in the city of Oswego. The signs are available free of charge to any Oswego business.

“A lot of the students who come to SUNY Oswego aren’t from communities like ours, where the bars and the nightclubs abut residential areas,” said Matthew Harmer, a CCRC member and former Student Association representative. “Like me, they were born and raised in large metropolitan areas where the entertainment district was literally miles away from where people lived, or they’re used to larger schools where these sorts of establishments are right outside the campus.”

The first phase of the campaign is posting signs in establishments which cater to SUNY Oswego students, reminding them that they are part of a larger community.

“Oswego isn’t just the city, and it isn’t just the campus; Oswego is both come together, and we’re really going to be pushing that idea when the students return,” Harmer pointed out.

The Student Association, a partner in the campaign through its representatives on the CCRC, is also supportive of the idea.

Becca Witkin, the Student Association president, said, “the Student Association is committed to addressing quality-of-life issues regarding student behavior in the city of Oswego, and this campaign is a great way for us to demonstrate that commitment.”

The first-phase signs are free to any business in the city of Oswego.

For more information, or to order a sign, contact Harmer at (315) 297-6314, or by e-mail at [email protected]


  1. I dont care how many committees are formed, cute signs drawn, letters written and threats made, certain facts remain: college kids are noisy, they have many cars, they drink, they curse and before they have a chance to become neighborly, they move on, usually leaving a little furniture in the yard: but it’s not proper to stop them from living here–someplace.

    But the permanent residents have rights too–maybe more, that’s why the creators of the zoning ordinance provided for the separation of college housing and local residential housing.
    If our gutless officials would simply attempt to enforce the law, most of the problem would go away.

  2. Most college housing in completely legal, if you look at the zoning requirements/maps. Single family households are listed as up to 4 unrelated people living in one home as long as they all act as a family (share rent/utilities etc). Two-family homes would allow up to 8 unrelated people, and MOST college students live with no more then 8 different people. Both single and two family homes are approved for most of the City of Oswego.

  3. The creators of the ordinance, following a NYS pro forma, specifically forbade the presence of “dormitories” (clearly defined as “a building… used as group quarters for unrelated individuals sharing common cooking, social and hygienic facilities”) in the higher residential zones and allowed them in the lower only with permit.

    The zoning administrator arbitrarily decided to enforce the law against “dormitories” only against fraternities and encouraged lawmakers to concentrate on the definition of “family” and an allowable number of persons per unit. This of course saved the rental income of his colleagues, made indefensible the problems of the neighbors and allowed people who asked advice rather than read the law believe that those were the only rules to apply.

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