Can You Help This Kitty Find Her Home?


Dear readers,

We don’t usually talk about individual animals in our column or do pleas for help, but it’s almost Christmas and this is a special case. The picture you see here is a cat that we recently found begging for food at Patz on the River. The kind people at Patz trapped her and brought her to us. She was wearing a collar, and seemed to be in good health– shall we say “abundant” good health. In short, she is a “hunk of love” and a “chunk of fun,” if you know what we mean. The food at Patz is very very good, and we highly recommend it, but that can’t explain her apparent good health as she has not been there at Patz for that long.

Because of the collar and her health, we think she has a home, somewhere, but she just can’t remember where it is or what her name is. Do you know? She would sure like to go home for Christmas and have some cookies.

And if you don’t know and we can’t find her owner, would you like to adopt her? The picture doesn’t really do her justice–she had just come in from the cold and was trying to take a nap. She is a pretty tiger with big bones and a big personality, and would love to curl up on your hearth, or in your chair, or on your bed (with extra supports under it) and keep both herself and yourself warm. Call us and make your holidays a little brighter for your family and for “Patzy,” the new member of your family.

You can see other pets available for adoption at our website at They all need a home for the holidays, and what a great way to celebrate the spirit of the season!

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