Candidate for Oswego County District Attorney

Attorney Tina Bennet, representing the Working Families Party, has resided in Phoenix, NY since 2009. After meeting her neighbors and county residents, attorney Bennet learned that there is a great need for a strong district attorney whose primary focus is using the law to benefit the law-abiding residents of Oswego County, and to put their needs first.

Since graduating from City University of Law School, attorney Bennet has practiced corporate litigation, criminal defense and most recently, specializing in matrimonial and family law where she is known as the “Fathers Rights Attorney”. While attorney Bennet has gotten tremendous satisfaction from her private practice, she believes that she can bring the leadership needed to correct many of the deficiencies that are apparent in the current D.A.s office. Attorney Bennet has developed several strategies for solving these pressing problems.

A couple examples would be:

Operation Control is designed to use positive reinforcement rather than negative labels. Because many offenders have been put in programs that make them believe that they have no control over their behaviors, this approach emphasizes that making more positive choices is a significant accomplishment. Learning to recognize bad behavior triggers and the appropriate responses to avoid violence and become productive members of society.

Crime Prevention Through Education will mandate educational programs for criminal defendants who do not have a high school diploma or GED. Research shows that the majority of crimes are perpetrated by people who have a low socio-economic status.

Statistics also reveal that there is a direct correlation between levels of education and income. Getting criminals educated can help to reduce crime in many ways. Generally, better educated people have better paying jobs. A sense of accomplishment also lends itself to being more committed to their jobs, and a more positive integration into their community.

Please vote for Attorney Tina Bennet as your new District Attorney, Oswego County needs a change. There are many other ideas planned to make Oswego County a safer and better place to live.

Thank You,
Wayne L. Johnson