Candidate Greene Discusses The Issues With Oswego Residents

OSWEGO, NY – Port City native Kellie Greene headed back out on the campaign trail energized by the time she spent in her hometown this week.

The Sackets Harbor resident is running for the congressional seat in New York’s 23rd District.

The Republican announced her candidacy on Feb. 1 in Watertown.

Kellie Greene greets two of the residents that came to her town hall meeting in Oswego.
Kellie Greene greets two of the residents that came to her town hall meeting in Oswego.

This week she held a town-hall style meeting with about a dozen local residents in the McCrobie Building.

“Get rid of the taxes, the regulations we don’t need,” she said. “Our economy is in the toilet. We need to find ways to bring jobs and industry back to this area.”

Government should be helping the small businesses more she said.

“Oswego is a beautiful location … Breitbeck Park is my favorite place on the planet. But, we haven’t totally capitalized on our stategic  location,” she noted. “Yes we have Harborfest and other things that are going on. But there is more that we can be doing to draw tourism into this area that will bring in money.”

There are so many regulations currently in place that make it burdensome for businesses to do business in New York State, it just drives the costs (or products) up, she said.

“Businesses will go to another country as we’ve seent them do or another state,” she said. “New York State is dead last in terms of a positive business environment out of all 50 states. So, if you’re a company and you want to be in the United States, New York is probably not on the top of your list. We have a lot of labor here that is ready, willing and able to go to work. New York needs to be more business friendly to attract more companies here and put our residents back to work.”

A major step in that direction, Greene said, is investing in the two ports in the 23rd district. Besides creating jobs it would also infuse the area with more money, which in turn would benefit the local shops and even encourage more businesses to open here, she explained.

The meeting lasted until around 7:30 p.m.

“Jobs and the economy are on everyone’s mind these days,” she said. Other issues, such as border security, immigration and even programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid were discussed at the meeting.”

The residents were also concerned about constitutional issues of late with so many new bills and laws that are attempting to strip away our rights, Greene added.

“All in all it went well and the people there did sign up on my list and did say they would help me and sign my ballot petitions and even carry them to get others – and that is fantastic,” she said, adding, “Running for office is more like a marathon – not a sprint.  It takes time to get your name out there and meet people. We are making really good progress with a volunteer list that comprises all 11 counties now (more in some counties than others) and donations coming in.”

She said if she gets by Matt Doheny (the other Republican currently in the running), “I know I can take (Democrat incumbent Bill) Owens.”

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About Kellie Greene:

She was born and raised in Oswego.

She holds several degrees including an A.S. in Accounting and Business Administration from Bay Path College, a B.S. in Logistics Management from Syracuse University and an MBA in International Business from Rochester Institute of Technology.

She has studied and worked abroad in Japan and Singapore and has established herself in the areas of international trade, shipping and logistics.