Candidate Greene Returns Home To Oswego On Monday

OSWEGO, NY – Kellie Greene will return home on Monday.

The Sackets Harbor resident is coming back to her hometown so people can get reacquainted wth her and hear why she is seeking the Republican nomination and ultimately the congressional seat in New York’s 23rd District.

She announced her candidacy on Feb. 1 in Watertown. Earlier this month, she came to the Port City for Warm Up, Oswego and to vist family and friends.  Monday will be her first official visit as a candidate.

She will hold a town-hall style meeting with local residents in Room 24 West of the McCrobie Building at 6 p.m.

“It is absolutely time for principled conservative leadership, for our district and I aim to serve that need,” she said. “With all due respect to Matt Doheny, he had very narrow support by a few Tea Party folks. His conservative credentials are limited and lacking for many in the district.”

Greene says she offers “the entire package for conservative Republicans and will satisfy the demand for a holistic conservative Republican in the race.”
She would certainly appreciate the Conservative Party endorsement but adds, keep in mind that she is running as a Republican.

She is seeking the endorsement of Republicans across the entire district.

“The biggest challenge for our country is the same as for our district, which is the economy. This particular district has been hurting long before the economy; we have lost businesess since the 1980 and 1990s – remember Miller’s? And Nestles, most recently BirdEye?” Greene told Oswego County Today. “We shouldn’t forget this is not new. We;re feeling it worse now than some other parts of the country because we were already hurting when the economy tanked. So, that just made it adouble whammy for us.”

That should have been a big issue in the dirtrcit, even before the economy tanked, she said, adding, “We need less regulations and less taxes. And, we need to be looking at our trade policy. There are other countries that are beating up on un. I’m not for protectionism, but I am for fair trade.”

She would like to see more investments in the district’s two ports to help boost the economy.

“With unemployment unacceptably high above eight percent and so many of our fellow New Yorkers struggling through this Obama economy, we can no longer afford a Congressman and President who heaps burdens on our families and children and a imminent government seizure of healthcare that will further cripple our citizens and cost more jobs.”

“Our country certainly has serious problems, but I aspire to work hard every day to prove that I will focus on solutions and most importantly, I will not forget who I represent and serve,” she concluded.