Capital Plan Approved by Oswego Voters

OSWEGO – Voters approved the Oswego Scholl District’s $63.1 million capital improvement plan on Tuesday.

The unofficial vote was 1,800 Yes and 933 No.

The board of education will meet Wednesday morning to approve the vote results.

The $63 million project broken down will see $24.7 million at Oswego High School, $13.1 at Oswego Middle School. $12.7 for Leighton, $4.1 for both Kingsford and Fitzhugh, $3.1 for Minetto and $1.1 for Charles E. Riley.

The capital project shows 11.3% of it going toward athletics.

The cost to most homeowners in Oswego will be about 92 cents per year for 20 years.

The project will be done in four phases. Phase 1 would commence in June of 2020. Phase 4 would start in June of 2030 and be completed in December 2031.


  1. I am so happy that so many people went out and voted yesterday! The people have spoken and decided to show support for OCSD. Congratulations!!

  2. SOOO, if I drop off $18.40 to the school board…heck, I’ll even round it off to $19…that would surely cover more than my share to hopefully stop my mortgage escrow from climbing any higher around here; I’ll just have to forgo a couple six-packs of IPA to cover it.

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