Career Exploration Center Opens Opportunities at Bodley

FULTON – G. Ray Bodley High School has opened a Career Exploration Center to assist students in the education of, connection to and preparation for continued learning opportunities and careers.

G. Ray Bodley High School students promote the school’s new Career Exploration Center, which is open to all students and is located within the library media center.

The center is run by Angela Ferlito, who said both she and colleagues observed additional needs of students in having knowledge of, and access to, connections to help land them interviews with local companies and assistance in beginning potential career paths.

“I’m trying to use community resources to help our kids be successful,” she said.

Students may visit the center, located within GRB’s library media center, during their free time, lunches or study halls. Ferlito said since employers and higher education representatives have relayed that several young adults are often not prepared for those experiences, the Fulton City School District supported the CEC because it is committed to educating the whole child.

While the approximate 1,000 GRB students have access to the center, Ferlito said much of the offerings will focus on students in grades 10 to 12. Entire classes have already utilized the center to discuss job skills, interview skills and general life skills to be successful as they work through their high school education and to plan life beyond their diploma.

Ferlito said her goal for the first semester of the 2019-2020 school year is to make connections for job shadows and internships in order to make them available for next semester. The center has already made a connection with a GRB student to illustrate a local author’s book.

The center also recently a hosted a job opportunities fair, open to both students and community members, to help make connections with potential employers and military recruiters.