Cast, Crew Announced For ‘Snow White And The Queen Of Mean’

OSWEGO – Tammy Wilkinson, producer for the Oswego Players, is proud to announce the cast and crew for the first production of the 2019 Oswego Players’ season.

“Snow White and the Queen of Mean,” directed by Matt Fleming, will be the featured show for the newly formed Theater Arts Youth Academy.

Written by Tommy Jamerson, the comedy will feature an all-star local cast and crew of amazingly talented young folks.

One of the most beloved fairy tales of all time gets a sassy and snappy reboot when a princess with a “heart as pure as the driven snow” crosses paths with the dastardly Evil Queen.

The Good Queen is dead and she’s not all that happy about that part of the tale.

The King has fallen under the spell of a truly mean sorceress who sends her huntsman to kill Snow when the Magic Mirror says Snow is the fairest of all.

Fortunately, in the meantime, the Prince meets Snow in the woods and she isn’t all that thrilled about his macho come on.

Fortunately, he eventually “gets it” and there is a hint of a happy ending until Snow gets lost in the dark, escapes the Huntsman and stumbles onto the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs.

Now it is up to Snow and her gang of vertically-challenged beasties to help set things right.

And we all know what happens when the Evil Queen of Mean shows up disguised as an old woman peddling a poison apple.

Or do we?

Come find out what happens as this rib-tickling good time pays homage to the Brothers Grimm folktale, but teaches a lesson or two of forgiveness, friendship and feminism.

Caylan Salmonson, Katelyn Gerth, Marissa Searor, Abigail Smith, Collin Hatch
Noah Pauldine

Snow White: Brienne Pauldine
King: Noah Pauldine
Good Queen: Caylan Salmonson
Evil Queen: Ella Culligan
Magic Mirror: Ben Norton
Prince: Collin Hatch
Huntsman: Aries Pickens

Dwarfs: Jacques: Jesse Pauldine, Sappy: Leah Norton, Nappy: Ellie Laird, Frumpy: Aries Pickens, Jumpy: Trevor Griffiths, Frazzle: Gus McDonald, Dazzle: Beatta Collins

Lincoln Hatch – Light Operator, Jon Pauline – Stage Manager

Presented with special permission from Heartland Plays, Inc.
Poster courtesy of Brandon Holmes

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  1. We are so excited that Beatta has a part in this New Play. Congratulations to
    all for the work that goes into the Theater

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